Belkin Laptop Cooling Stand

The Good Attractive white design; effective cooling, built-in tilt stand.

The Bad Only one fan; small footprint unsuitable for bigger laptops.

The Bottom Line The Belkin Laptop Cooling Stand manages to both look good and offer effective cooling, despite having only a single fan.

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  • Design 9.0
  • Features 7.0
8.0 Overall


Belkin Laptop Cooling Stand

Belkin Laptop Cooling Stand

The most-effective laptop cooling devices we've seen involve fans that suck warm air away from the laptop's bottom. Both the Antec Notebook Cooler and the smaller Antec Notebook Cooler S use dual fans, but the $29.99 Belkin Laptop Cooling Stand manages to offer effective cooling with only a single fan.

Measuring 11.5 inches wide by 11.25 inches deep by a little more than one inch high, the Belkin Laptop Cooling Stand is best suited for 15-inch or smaller laptops. A larger desktop replacement will have to balance on top, extending over the left and right sides by several inches. Rubber pads on the top prevent slippage, but a wider cooling stand, such as the Antec Notebook Cooler, would be a bit more stable. For the aesthetically oriented, the Belkin's white, curved design is a nice change from the gray/silver industrial look of the other devices we've looked at.

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  • MSRP $40
  • Brand Belkin
  • Product Type notebook stand
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