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Archos TV+ review: Archos TV+

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The Good Design; a nice idea on paper.

The Bad Cost; lack of HD support; lack of codec support; video plug-ins cost extra.

The Bottom Line Archos TV+ is too expensive, lacks support for some key codecs out of the box and doesn't offer any form of HD functionality. Its ability to record from DVD or Freeview/Sky/Cable STB might interest some with Archos PMPs

5.5 Overall

Archos has produced some of the best quality portable media players we've ever seen. As you can imagine, when it announced it would be making a TV streaming product, we hoped its excellent work would continue.

We've had time to look over Archos TV+, which comes in a 80GB version and a 250GB version, which we've reviewed. Is this product the one we've all been waiting for or is it another example of a media streamer that just doesn't live up to the hype?

The 250GB version is available to order from expansys from £250.

The TV+ is a tidy unit. It would be hard not to draw comparisons between the styling of it and Apple TV. It has a white top with a silver bezel around the sides. On the front is a white window that has a status LED behind it, as well as the remote receiver.

At the back, there are both inputs and outputs. Archos TV+ has HDMI out, and component, composite and S-Video inputs and outputs. There is also a coaxial digital audio output as well as analogue audio inputs and outputs.

The remote control is a unique feature. It's a small square affair with a Qwerty keypad and directional buttons for navigating menus and Web pages. It's comfortable enough to hold, but really needs two hands to operate properly.

At least on paper, the Archos has a very good selection of features. Indeed, it's just possible that it has too many features and doesn't really know what it's trying to be.

The main advertised feature is its ability to stream media from a variety of sources. It has a built-in hard drive, and you can drop files on to it directly through USB. It can also connect to computers via wired or wireless networks.

The most interesting feature is the ability to record TV, but because the Archos TV+ doesn't contain a TV tuner, you have to hook it up to your existing machine. This is clumsy, and we can't help feel that for £250, Archos could have included a Freeview tuner chip.

Archos provides a service called Archos Content Portal, which offers access to free video, including some news from EuroNews and short clips from other providers. There's even the facility to rent movies. Prices are around £2.99 and are valid for 7 days after download and last 24 or 48 hours from the first time you view them. Video files can also be played while they are downloading, which is a nice feature.

Our biggest gripe with the Archos TV+ is its lack of HD support. For a product this expensive, and one that competes with HD media streamers like the Xbox 360, Apple TV and the DivX Connected streamers, we think this is a huge mistake.

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