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AOL Web Mail

There's solid integration with other AOL services, such as blogging directly to AOL Journals. It's a snap to add photos from your AOL Pictures account. Just click the Insert Pictures button while writing a message, drag in a photo, and click the picture to change the size, alignment, and text wrapping.

Among our favorite features from AOL Web Mail, you can easily insert photos from an AOL Pictures account into a message.

You can link your AOL and AIM screen names, and also feed messages from third-party accounts into your AOL in-box. AOL is rolling out built-in chatting so you don't have to open AIM separately. However, for now, this beta feature is only available if you log into the e-mail at instead of the usual

While composing messages, you can format text and--unlike Gmail--add emoticons, too. Click the Spelling button while writing a note, and AOL underlines suspect words in red and offer a menu of alternatives. AOL is also adding more keyboard shortcuts, so that you can send a message by holding down CTRL-Enter, and so on.

But if you receive MP3 and other multimedia files, you'll be prompted to play them with a separate application, such as the Windows Music Player. AOL Mail doesn't offer its own audio player, as Gmail and Windows Live Hotmail do.

We also liked the spell-checker's useful menu of suggestions.

Luckily, unlike the spam flooding our Yahoo Mail and Gmail in-boxes lately, we didn't receive a ton of junk in our AOL account. But it's hard to tell if our account was just too young to receive what seems like the inevitable flood of spam into any service's in-box. For instance, AOL did not block fake spam messages that we sent as tests from various other personal accounts, containing suspicious words and ad pitches in English, Hebrew, Russian, and French. But AOL Web Mail did filter some legitimate messages from a personal Yahoo Mail account as spam.

Service and support
AOL Mail's Settings pages provide clearly explained options for managing interface and security preferences. But security is tight--too tight--for reaching online support. We had to answer a personal question whose answer we had forgotten. After several quick attempts at accessing the support center, once again AOL shut us out of our account for 24 hours. Other services at least offer to send you a reminder to jog your memory. As long as you sign in properly, however, AOL offers well-organized, searchable FAQs.

Overall, the features within AOL Web Mail are competitive with those of its close competitors. The convenient integration with other AOL services such as AIM or AOL Pictures should keep current users from jumping to rival brands. Still, we won't rely on AOL Mail for personal use because we didn't run into a fraction of its sign-in suffering with either Yahoo Mail beta, Windows Live Hotmail, or Gmail.

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