Andru USB phone charger (review) review:

Charming and useful for any Android fan

In general, the Andru has a dense, solid construction that I really like. It's coated with a soft matte finish, lending a more premium feeling (though this coating does not bode well for the white Andru Chill since it'll trap dirt and marks more easily).

Because it has a stand for displaying itself, however, I do think it should come with a dummy plug to cover the USB port up top. If you're going to use the Andru for charging you obviously wouldn't need it. But if it has a stand for display or storage purposes, shouldn't it also then come with a cover?

The Andru's output is 1,000mAh, putting it on par with the chargers that phone manufacturers include with their handsets. I tried charging a fully drained Samsung Galaxy Express, which has a 2,000mAh battery. In slightly under an hour, the device was completely charged.

Andru eyes
Andru's eyes glow when it's on standby and a different color when it's charging. James Martin/CNET

The Andru plugs firmly into an outlet, and I didn't feel any sort of give when I wiggled it around as it was plugged in. Keep in mind, however, that due to its shape, it will take up more space than the average phone charger.

This isn't much of a bother if you plan on using the Andru in a single wall outlet, but if you have a surge protector or power strip that has multiple outlets, depending on the layout, expect the Andru and its tiny little robot arms to block access to the outlets near it.

Of all the vinyl renditions I see of the Android mascot, the Andru is by far my favorite. On aesthetics alone, it doesn't feel like a cheap plastic toy, but a solid, well-constructed figurine.

But as an added bonus, the Andru is useful, too. It performs just as well as the stock charger that's included with your handset and its glowing eyes let you know it's working. At $25, it is indeed priced high for a phone charger, but if you're a die-hard Android lover, this surge is worth the splurge.

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