AmazonBasics Ultra-Portable Bluetooth Speaker BTV2 review:

Amazon's ultraportable Bluetooth speaker has a price your wallet will love

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The Good The wallet-friendly AmazonBasics Ultra-Portable Bluetooth Speaker BTV2 has a dual-firing speaker and an impressive 10-hour battery life. Style-conscious shoppers can choose from five glossy color options.

The Bad The speaker adds an artificial treble boost that imposes a thin profile on your music.

The Bottom Line The no-frills AmazonBasics BTV2 Bluetooth speaker offers an inexpensive accessory to boost your audio on the go.

7.0 Overall
  • Design 7.0
  • Features 6.0
  • Sound 7.0
  • Value 7.0

With so many portable Bluetooth speakers crowding store shelves, it's no small feat to decide which brand and model suits your needs. However, the AmazonBasics Ultra-Portable BTV2 Bluetooth speaker comfortably is certainly one of the better values.

For the uninitiated, AmazonBasics is the company's generic in-house brand that bypasses the middleman and pushes cost savings to the customer. In this case, the BTV2 only costs $29.99 (£23.99 in the UK) and you get a decent-sounding wireless music player in your choice of black, blue, purple, gray or red.

Design and features

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Sarah Tew/CNET

Aside from subtle nuances in sound quality, every Bluetooth speaker relies heavily on a unique design to set itself apart from the rest of the pack, and this one is no different. Similar to competing Bluetooth speakers like the JBL Clip and the Logitech X100 , the BTV2 has a simple, boxy aesthetic with a glossy finish and a mesh speaker grill that covers the unit's internal 3-watt speaker.

The biggest advantage the BTV2 has over its rivals is its ability to blast music in both directions at equal volumes -- that's contrary to the Clip and the X100's unidirectional driver that can only sit on a tabletop pointed at the ceiling.

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Sarah Tew/CNET

The speaker charges by way of a Micro-USB cord, and you get a cable to connect it to a computer, but no power adapter. Amazon also rates the battery life at 10 hours, which is above average for this size of wireless speaker.

By comparison, both the X100 and the JBL Clip can claim only 5 hours of battery life at full charge.

Wireless range is reportedly 30 feet, which is also on par with that of other speakers.

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