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AFilter for iOS review:

Tons of photo effects without the interface clutter

The fifth button is where you'll find textures divided into four categories of effects, Dust, Light Leak, Lens Flare, and Gradient.

Finally, there's a button for frames, but they're not your average run-of-the-mill frames you find in other apps. With these frames, you start by choosing a shape, then the frame shows up as a sort of transparent color overlay. You can still see your image through the frame, but it creates a really nice effect.

Sharing your work

Through different combinations of each of these tools, you can make cool photos you can save to your library or share. When you're finished, you can hit an arrow button in the top right of the screen to open up your sharing options. Here, you'll be able to open the image in Instagram, send it to Facebook or Twitter, or send via email.

One touch revert

My one issue with AFilter is the first button on the bottom of the screen. No matter how many filters and effects you have added to your photo, if you touch this button, it immediately reverts back to the original, but there is no way to undo your decision. The app already lets you view the original briefly by tapping and holding the actual image to see how much your filter choices have changed the photo. The problem with having this other revert option is that there is no way to turn back, and it's in such a prominent location that you're likely to accidentally touch it, losing all your work.

This could be fixed by adding an "Are you sure?" dialog pop-up or perhaps another press to get all your previous work back. Hopefully this is something we'll see in an update in the near future.


AFilter manages to pack in an enormous number of ways to enhance your photos without cluttering up the interface. It's incredibly easy to go from button to button across the bottom of the app, make your changes, then move on to the next set of features.

With that said, the revert button is definitely a problem, and should have an extra step before getting rid of all your work, or at least a way to get back to where you were.

Still, with so many ways to give your photos a unique look without having to sift through confusing menus, AFilter is a great addition to your photography app collection.

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