2008 Honda Element SC

The Good The by-wire-throttle in the 2008 Honda Element SC delivers a good response, while the handling feels sharp. We had fun with the manual transmission.

The Bad The Element's only nod toward working with mobile devices is an auxiliary input--the car lacks iPod support and Bluetooth cell phone integration.

The Bottom Line Although we enjoy the driving characteristics of the 2008 Honda Element SC, the lack of cabin gadgets is a big disappointment.

Editors' Rating
  • Cabin tech 5.0
  • Performance tech 6.0
  • Design 8.0
6.1 Overall


2008 Honda Element 2WD 5dr Man LX
2008 Honda Element SC
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Price $18,980 MSRP $18,980 MSRP $18,980 MSRP $18,980 MSRP $18,980 MSRP
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2008 Honda Element SC

Considering the youthful nature of the 2008 Honda Element SC's intended market, it is surprising the car doesn't offer more in the way of modern electronics. Like the Scion xB, the Honda Element appeals to people who can appreciate an offbeat styling. Unlike the xB, the Element doesn't offer navigation, video screens, or even iPod integration.

The original Honda Element was intended for outdoorsy people who would load it up with surfboards and mountain bikes, while the newer SC trimmed Element goes for the urban crowd already enamored with the Scion xB. You could argue that an Element intended for snow and surf trips doesn't need fancy cabin gadgets (although navigation is always good for road trips), but the urban version should include something more than a subwoofer for the audio system. Instead, what you get is a very practical vehicle with electronics that top out at a decent-sounding stereo.

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Specs / Prices

  • MSRP $18,980
  • Brand Honda
  • Engine 4 Cylinder Engine
  • Drivetrain Front Wheel Drive
  • MPG 20 MPG
  • Passenger Capacity 4
  • Body Type Crossovers, SUVs
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