The new

Forget Facebook. When launches, you'll be able to get your social game fix directly from the source.
Photo by: Zynga

Gamer profiles will let you connect with other users solely to play games with them. It will also manage your profile for you, and fill it with game-specific info and state.
Photo by: Zynga

Play without stopping

When playing on, you'll be able to keep going on games like CastleVille (shown), even while chatting with other players.
Photo by: Zynga

Five games supported at launch

CityVille is one of the five games launching on The others are CastleVille, Hidden Chronicles, Words With Friends, and Zynga Poker.
Photo by: Zynga

Get help when you need it

The new puzzle game Hidden Chronicles makes an appearance. With the real-time communications in, you'll be able to get, and give, help when it's needed.
Photo by: Zynga


Samsung Galaxy S8's major makeover

This year's flagship phone gets a sexy new design and Bixby, a house-made digital assistant.

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