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Zoom H2n

The Zoom H2n ($199) is a handheld audio recorder with an impressive range of capabilities, including surround-sound recording. It is due out in September 2011.
Photo by: Samson

Zoom H2n - in hand

Like its predecessor, the Zoom H2, the H2n has a compact, pocket-size design.
Photo by: Samson

Zoom H2n - right

On the right side of the recorder are a menu button, jog wheel, gain adjustment wheel, and power/hold switch.
Photo by: Samson

Zoom H2n - left

Located on the left side of the H2n are line input, volume control, remote input, headphone output, and Micro-USB. A record button is on the front.
Photo by: Samson

Zoom H2n - front

On the front of the H2n you'll find LED indicators, as well as an LCD that presents recording mode, elapsed time, recording format, and menu functions.
Photo by: Samson

Zoom H2n - accessories

Available accessories for the H2n include a tripod stand, wind screen, mic stand grip, case, remote trigger, and power adapter. A USB cable comes included.
Photo by: Samson

Zoom H2n - battery

The Zoom H2n runs on a pair of easily replaceable AA batteries.
Photo by: Samson

Zoom H2n - remote

By using the optional remote trigger, you can minimize the amount of handling noise introduced into your recording.
Photo by: Samson

Zoom H2n - SD card

The H2n records to SD card memory, and is compatible with SDHC memory cards of up to 32GB.
Photo by: Samson


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