You've gotta see these modded-out PCs

They say Jony Ive’s designs for Apple will reside in museums someday -- and that’s probably true -- but PC modders all over the world have raised their own computer cases to the level of art.

Marty Beckerman
1 of 26 BS Mods

Fallout mod

From superhero and video game tributes to horror and sci-fi themes, here are some of the coolest ways that pros and hobbyists have put the personal in PCs.

This Fallout 4 case from Bob Stewart and Rod Rosenberg at BS Mods looks like it's survived the nuclear apocalypse. It's a perfect computer for every Sole Survivor.

Iron Man PC
2 of 26 Jengki Wmp

Life-size Iron Man

Tony Stark is the ultimate hardware modder, so it's only right that he's now the ultimate mod. This full-size build from Jengki Wmp is both a stunning statue and a gaming PC that features an Intel i7-5820K processor.

Donkey Kong
3 of 26 Claire Reilly/CNET

Donkey Kong

This isn't just a gaming computer; it is a game. ThermalMike's case from Computex 2017 cleverly recreates the classic 1981 Nintendo title. A barrel of fun!

4 of 26 Mark Enright


This is the droid we've been looking for. Mark Enright of Pod Pad Studios built it mostly with wood and cardboard. He even installed a motor so Artoo could navigate around the house, but traded it for a full-size motherboard.

5 of 26 Ron Lee Christianson/Blue Horse Studios


We'll always love R2-D2, but the sequel trilogy's front-and-center droid has stolen Star Wars fans' hearts (and takes up less room in the home office). 

6 of 26 Claire Reilly/CNET

S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier

McAfee is one way to protect a computer; Nick Fury is another. This "Avengers"-inspired case mod is cool enough to wow Earth's Mightiest Heroes.

7 of 26 Anigma Computers


This case from Abu Dhabi's Anigma Computers features Marvel's mutant merc with a mouth, and makes us even more excited for the upcoming movie sequel.

Star Trek
8 of 26 Bill Owen/MNPC Tech

'Star Trek'

This boldly going PC case incorporates handmade elements -- such as the Starfleet insignia -- along with pieces from official Star Trek playsets and the franchise's LCARS operating system interface. It would be the pride of any Trekkie's home (or bridge).

Wonder Woman
9 of 26 BS Mods

Wonder Woman

Gal Gadot became an international sensation with 2017's smash-hit "Wonder Woman," but a previous generation of fans will always remember Lynda Carter as Diana Prince, and this case is for them.

Captain America
10 of 26 Aloysius Low/CNET

Captain America

As if his 1:1 Iron Man weren't impressive enough, Jengki Wmp showed off this Captain America PC at Computex 2016. 

H. R. Giger
11 of 26 Claire Reilly/CNET

H. R. Giger style

Here's an eerie but spectacular case unveiled by Ron Lee Christianson at Computex 2017. Inspired by the artwork of H. R. Giger, it looks like something right out of "Alien."

12 of 26 Taufik Hidayat Ginting


Wolverine may be "the best at what I do, and what I do isn't very nice," but this case definitely is.

13 of 26 Taufik Hidayat Ginting


Here's another Wolvie mod from Taufik Hidayat Ginting with artwork from "The Wolverine" and some killer adamantium claw marks.

Hello Kitty
14 of 26 Robert Storozyk

Hello Kitty

DevOps manager Robert Storozyk built this case for his daughter in 2009, chronicling the process on Blogspot

"Nine years later [she] still uses it," Storozyk tells us. 

15 of 26 Tiche PC

'Tron: Legacy'

Featuring an Intel Skylake platform along with a black, white and aquamarine "Tron" color scheme down to the custom-made extension cables, this is one computer that we'd love to get uploaded into. 

16 of 26 Kent Akselsen

The case that must not be named

This horror-themed, glow-in-the-dark 2003 build from Mark Jones is legendary. The original specs, including a Pentium 4 Processor and a single gig of DDR RAM, may not seem too intimidating today, but the H. P. Lovecraft-inspired Necronomicon Glyph window, tentacles and evil LED eyes definitely hold up.

17 of 26 Bill Owen/MNPC Tech


This orange-and-black case brings together a love of Harley horsepower and a love of gaming horsepower. 

Ice mod
18 of 26 James Fislar

The ice mod

James Fislar is a big deal in the modding world, and for good reason. His custom "ice mods" appear to be in a deep freeze. Now that's a cool computer.

Red Dragon
19 of 26 James Fislar

Red dragon

When MSI asked James Fislar to turn its logo into a custom build for CES 2015, he delivered this one, which features the company's S99X ACK motherboard and GTX 980 SLI graphics card, plus an Intel i7 Haswell processor. (And dragons. It also features a bunch of dragons.)

20 of 26 BS Mods

The medieval case

Featured at CES 2017, this case slays with an impressive suit of armor. The pièce de résistance is the sword, which contains all of the ports along the blade and the power button atop the hilt.

21 of 26 Ron Lee Christianson/Blue Horse Studios

Baby Groot

Our favorite anthropomorphic treefrom "Guardians of the Galaxy" makes a super cute PC. But can it dance?

22 of 26 Claire Reilly/CNET

SpongeBob SquarePants

Is it just us or does the lovable sea sponge look kinda evil in PC form at PAX Australia?

World of Warcraft
23 of 26 Bill Owen/MNPC Tech

World of Warcraft

This Warlords of Draenor case mod for the Antec Eleven Hundred PC is totally badass, from the aluminum spikes to the Iron Horde logo.

Toy car
24 of 26 Haackas Mods

Toy car

We all carry around supercomputers in our pockets these days, but somehow it's still cool to see a PC basically fit inside a Hot Wheels.

Kylo Ren
25 of 26 Ron Lee Christianson/Blue Horse Studios

Kylo Ren

We'll always hate him for killing Han Solo, but we've gotta admit that Kylo Ren looks pretty cool on the side of a PC. Next time we're in the market for a custom build, this might be our "First Order."

Spider-Man and Venom
26 of 26 Taufik Hidayat Ginting

Spider-Man and Venom

This gaming rig juxtaposes the friendly neighborhood webslinger against his archenemy. With great power comes great replayability.

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