You wish you had this home theater in your basement

In this edition of Show Us Yours we visit the amazing basement home theater of Jason in St. Louis, starting from bare walls and ending up with LED ceiling lights, a laser projector and a full bar.

David Carnoy
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Jason decided to create a serious home theater in the basement of his home in St. Louis, Missouri. This is a picture of what the space looked like early in the construction. 

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Planning out the room and creating architectural plans took about a month, and the construction itself took about 5 months to complete. The equipment was chosen by Jason's designer based on the layout of the room. The main requests Jason had were that the room be Dolby Atmos compatible and have a 4K-compatible projector -- and that he'd be able to easily upgrade the equipment in the future.

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Here's the full list of the equipment that went into the room:

Marantz SR6011 Surround Receiver with Air Play

Parasound 2250v2 Amp

RBH Reference SI-760R In-wall speakers  (front speakers)

RBH Signature SI-740 In-wall speakers (side surround)

RBH MC-6-inch In-wall speakers (rear speakers)

RBH Angled Atmos ceiling speakers

RBH SI-10 In-wall subwoofers with 250-watt amp (side subwoofers)

2-RBH Signature SI-1010 In-wall Subwoofers with 2 RBH SA-500DSP (front subwoofers)  

Epson LS10500 Laser Projector

144-inch diagonal 2:35 screen by Da-Lite H1P perforated

42U rack system with side panels

Includes all custom shelves and vents

Network 8 Port Gigabit Switch with cables

Furman Elite-15i Power Conditioner for video

Furman M-8x2 Power Conditioner for amps

Remote Control Package using MX Home Pro Control Hub, R500 remote and wall-mount iPad Kit

Acoustical panels by Elegant Home Theater Systems

Fiber-optic ceiling by Elegant Home Theater Systems

AuraSound AST-2B Pro Bass Shaker Tactile Transducer (theater seats) powered by Dayton Audio SPA250 250-watt subwoofer Plate Amplifier

Apple TV 4K

Xbox One S

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Jason's favorite part of the theater is the LED star ceiling, which was custom installed. In this picture, the future bar/kitchen area is in the process of being constructed. The projector is the Epson LS10500.

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He even had the designers add a few constellations "that are fun for the kids to try and find."

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For a bit of extra flair, a color-changing LED tape light was added to the border of the ceiling  With the light generator, you can change how the stars look and twinkle.

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The ceiling from another angle.

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Jason says he wanted wanted to go with a modern-looking theater room with neutral colors that wouldn't take away from the focus of the screen.  "The room is fully trimmed out top to bottom, sound proofed, and wrapped with acoustic panels to maximize the quality of the surround sound," he says. The room has 11 speakers and 3 subwoofers (11.3). 

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The back of the room with a spot reserved for a "Candy Station" with a commercial-grade popcorn popper.

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The multilevel floor was designed for tiered seating.

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The first tier of seating: LovSacs for the kids.

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Second and third rows: Palaster theater seating with AuraSound AST-2B Pro Bass Shaker Tactile Transducers in the seats, which add to the overall home-theater experience, Jason says.

We're sure they do. If nothing else, the rumble seats keep you awake. 

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The Candy Station its its finished form.

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A peek into the now finished bar/second kitchen that's adjacent to the theater room for "quick access and entertaining," Jason says.  

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Let's go inside.

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The kitchen/bar is equipped with a dishwasher, oven, two beverage coolers, a crushed ice maker -- and a TV, of course. 

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The bar was planned out so that none of the items that make noise are on the same wall as the theater room.

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Seating for seven at the bar.

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There's a little mood lighting in this room, too. 

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The view back into the home-theater room.

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Jason designed a gaming center that is behind the theater doors so "the kids and myself have quick access to changing games or 4K Movies on the Xbox One S."

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Close-up of the gaming center.

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The iPad Mini docked on the wall controls all of the theater equipment, Sonos sound system and external devices. No other remote is required.

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Close up of the iPad screen.

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As noted, Jason's uses Sonos for his multiroom audio. Here are 8 of his 10 Sonos Connect amps.

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The equipment rack isn't pretty, but no one sees it because it's hidden behind a wall.

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Below the Sonos units is power management and the beefy Marantz receiver.

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Below the Marantz, there's the RBH DSP units and the Parasound amp.

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That's a tower of audio power.

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That's it for this great basement home theater. Thanks to Jason for submitting. 

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