Halo: ODST - 9/22

Halo: ODST follows the side-story of an Orbital Drop Shock Tropper who gets trapped behind enemy lines. Sorry Master Chief fans: the big green guy won't be playable in the this title.

Shadow Complex (XBLA) - Q3

From the creators of the Gears of War franchise comes Shadow Complex, a 2D side-scrolling action game that draws heavy influence from exploration titles like Metroid and Castlevania.

Forza Motorsport 3 - 10/27

The quintessential racing simulator returns to the Xbox 360 with even more real-life cars and tracks.

Left 4 Dead 2 - 11/17

Coming off the success of last year's breakout original, Left 4 Dead 2 changes the backdrop and cast but brings more zombie-blasting action! Left 4 Dead 2 will also be available on PC.

GTA IV: The Ballad of Gay Tony - Q4

Rockstar Games is set to release the second downloadable expansion pack to Grand Theft Auto IV. In The Ballad of Gay Tony, you'll be focusing on the nightlife scene in Liberty City.

Splinter Cell: Conviction - Q4

In Splinter Cell: Convinction, you once again assume the role of Sam Fisher. This time, you'll guide Sam through a personal battle as he tries to expose a mole while protecting the ones he loves. Developer Ubisoft plans to eventually release Conviction on the PC as well.

Alan Wake - Q1 2010

Alan Wake is a psychological thriller that will play similar to an episodic television show. Each chapter will end with a sort-of "cliffhanger," temping you to move on.

Mass Effect 2 - Q1 2010

The sequel to the critically acclaimed sci-fi role-playing game throws you back into 22nd century space exploration. Players will once again guide Commander Shepard through a new adventure. Mass Effect 2 will also be coming to the PC.


Samsung Galaxy S8's major makeover

This year's flagship phone gets a sexy new design and Bixby, a house-made digital assistant.

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