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Monday's keynote address kicks off Apple's 24th annual developers conference.

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Apple typically announces new products and services during their WWDC keynote.

Tim Cook

Apple's Berlin store is in a 100 year old building, one of the first in the city. Cook says the company plans to host events like music and labs.

Next month is Apple's App Store's 5th birthday. 50 billion apps have been downloaded.

These small self-driving cars can adjust their speed and change how they're driving based on where they are on the track.

Mac install base is at 72M, which is double what it was 5 years ago, Cook says.

OS X Mavericks is a release with deep tech, Federighi says. Big battery life, lots of apps, and features that will appeal to Power users.

You can now add tags when saving a file and have them show up in the finder's sidebar. Some of this has already been in OS X, but now it's baked in more.

You can now put full screen apps on multiple monitors and switch between them effortlessly.

There is a new Safari home page with "top sites" that includes bookmarks, a reading list, and "shared links."

Craig Federighi, the chief of iOS and OS X.

New App Nap feature keeps an eye on what else is going on in your system. Federighi showed what happens when you have Safari open then bring up iTunes. All the while, the CPU meter keeps from spiking.

Federighi showed how you can view and manage the new sidebar with the reading list and bookmarks. The social stuff works with Twitter and LinkedIn.

iCloud Keychain: You want a different password for every site. This gives you website logins, credit card numbers, account info, and Wi-Fi passwords. All this is encrypted, Federighi says. Safari can also automatically suggest a password for you to use in a site that it logs for you.

You can now reply right inside a notification if it's e-mails, iMessages, or IMs.

New calendar look seems to go along with "flat" design scheme talk.

Maps has street maps, 3D flyover, POI search, info cards, turn by turn directions and routes set up on the Mac can be sent right to the iPhone.

Federighi looks up a local food joint in Paris, gets driving directions, then sends those directions to his phone.

A calendar event with an address can show you an ETA of how long it will take to get there using the integrated Maps.

The new iBooks has all the options people have on iOS on the Mac version. You can scroll through chapters with his fingers on the trackpad.

The 11-inch MacBook Air now has nine hours of battery life, up from five in the previous generation, and the 13-inch will have 12 hours, up from seven in the earlier model.

New Airport base stations. New designs. First up AirPort Extreme, which has an all new form factor.

These new MacBook models start shipping today.

Read more about the new MacBook Pros here.

The Mac Pro will include a new Intel Xeon processor and come standard with dual AMD workstation discrete graphics processors.

It also will support 4K, ultra high-definition displays out of the box, and the system is only one eighth the volume of the earlier Mac Pro.

Later this year, there will be new iWork for both Mac and iOS, he says. But first, there's iWork for iCloud.

Pages, Numbers, and Keynote are all now in iCloud now.

Instead of UI at the top, there are now context sensitive bars on the right of the page where you make adjustments.

You can drag an image from your desktop into the browser workspace and it functions just like normal Pages.

Over 600M iOS devices sold to date, Cook says.

Notifications have transparency and there's also a new today menu that's like a daily brief. The notification center is available from the lockscreen now too.

New iOS feature: Control Center

Now all apps can use multitasking and get great battery life, Federighi says.

No more 8 tab limit on tabs.

The Control Center is an across-the-board connection system for AirPlay and music/settings.

New camera features: Live photo filters and photos now get broken up into "moments," much like what the company's been doing in iPhoto for years.

Other people can now share into your iCloud shared photo stream.

Now you can stream sharing videos by iCloud too, Federighi says.

Eddy Cue talking Siri.

New feature: iOS in the car


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