Worst geek movies of the decade

These are the lowest-rated geek films since 2010.

Lance Cartelli
Lance Cartelli is an Emmy Award-winning producer and writer based in Los Angeles, California.
Lance Cartelli
1 of 51 Sony Pictures

Don't bother to watch these geek movies

There were some pretty awful (and great) geek movies in 2018. But what about this entire past decade? Using the scoring system of CNET sister site Metacritic, we've compiled a list of the worst geek movies since 2010

Tying for No. 48: Venom. In our review, we said this Tom Hardy-led superhero film "bites off more than it can chew." 

Metascore: 35 

2 of 51 Universal Pictures

48 (tie). The Huntsman: Winter's War

The prequel and sequel to Snow White and the Huntsman is "a resoundingly unlovable movie," per the San Francisco Chronicle.

Metascore: 35 

3 of 51 Netflix

48 (tie). Mute

This Netflix film about a mute man searching for his missing girlfriend is "a slog, and a depressing one," The Atlantic said. 

Metascore: 35 

Film "Kin"
4 of 51 Lionsgate

48 (tie). Kin

This box-office bomb, which grossed just $10 million, is "remarkably empty of any sense of kinship," according to the Associated Press. 

Metascore: 35

Nicolas Cage
5 of 51 Columbia Pictures

43 (tie). Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance

The sequel to Ghost Rider "seems to have been ill-conceived from the very start," according to Slant Magazine. 

Metascore: 34

6 of 51 Universal Pictures

43 (tie). The Mummy

The Mummy reboot, starring Tom Cruise, is "a monster fail," per Rolling Stone. 

Metascore: 34

7 of 51 Sony Pictures

43 (tie). The Dark Tower

Based on the Stephen King novel of the same name, The Dark Tower is "a mess of a movie," according to the Arizona Republic.

Metascore: 34

8 of 51 20th Century Fox

43 (tie). Ice Age: Collision Course

The fifth film in the Ice Age saga, Collision Course is "lazy, scattershot and excruciatingly unfunny," the Washington Post said. 

Metascore: 34

9 of 51 Walt Disney Pictures

43 (tie). Alice Through the Looking Glass

Johnny Depp reprises his role as the Mad Hatter in this sequel that is a "dull, formulaic theme-park ride," per the Philadelphia Inquirer. 

Metascore: 34

10 of 51 Warner Bros. Pictures

40 (tie). Sucker Punch

This Zack Snyder-directed fantasy film is "hands-down the most nightmarishly awful film of [2011]," per the Philadelphia Inquirer. 

Metascore: 33

11 of 51 Warner Bros. Pictures

40 (tie). Jonah Hex

Based on the DC Comics character of the same name, Jonah Hex is "bracingly inept," according to LA Weekly. 

Metascore: 33

Jaden Smith;Will Smith
12 of 51 Columbia Pictures

40 (tie). After Earth

This post-apocalyptic sci-fi film starring Will and Jaden Smith is "a lethargic slog," said USA Today. 

Metascore: 33

13 of 51 Paramount Picture

34 (tie). Transformers: Age of Extinction

The fourth film in the Transformers franchise is an "endless barrage of nonsense and noise," according to Entertainment Weekly. 

Metascore: 32

14 of 51 Lionsgate

34 (tie). Robin Hood

Nominated for three Razzies, the Robin Hood reboot "will make you side with the Sheriff of Nottingham," per Time Out. 

Metascore: 32

15 of 51 Universal Pictures

34 (tie). Repo Men

This sci-fi action-thriller starring Jude Law is "simply a case of movie malpractice," Premiere said. 

Metascore: 32

16 of 51 Screen Gems

34 (tie). Legion

Legion is "a cartoonishly grim supernatural thriller," according to The AV Club. 

Metascore: 32

Film Title: Warcraft
17 of 51 Legendary Pictures

34 (tie). Warcraft

Based on the video game series of the same name, Warcraft is "a godawful mess," said Rolling Stone. 

Metascore: 32

18 of 51 20th Century Fox

34 (tie). Independence Day: Resurgence

The Will Smith-less Independence Day sequel is "an immaculate case-study in how far blockbusters have fallen," per IndieWire. 

Metascore: 32

19 of 51 Universal Pictures

31 (tie). Your Highness

Rolling Stone said "nothing works" in this stoner fantasy film starring Natalie Portman and James Franco. 

Metascore: 31

20 of 51

31 (tie). Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles reboot is "utterly inessential," according to Time Out. 

Metascore: 31

21 of 51 Paramount Pictures

31 (tie). House at the End of the Street

This Jennifer Lawrence-led horror film is "a terrible little movie even by the standards of the genre," per the Boston Globe. 

Metascore: 31

22 of 51 Sony Pictures

29 (tie). Slender Man

This horror film, based on the character of the same name, is "flat-out dull," per the AV Club. 

Metascore: 30

23 of 51 Paramount Pictures

29 (tie). Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension

The sixth and final entry in the Paranormal Activity saga "feels like the last wheeze of a played-out series," according to The Wrap. 

Metascore: 30

24 of 51 Gramercy Pictures

26 (tie). Ratchet & Clank

This animated film, based on the video game of the same name, is "insufferable. And seemingly interminable," said the Seattle Times. 

Metascore: 29

25 of 51 Global Road Entertainment

26 (tie). A.X.L.

This fantasy film about a robotic dog is "something worse than bad. It's utterly forgettable," per the AV Club.

Metascore: 29

26 of 51 Netflix

26 (tie). Bright

Starring Will Smith, Bright is a "gaudy, overstuffed piece of blockbuster trash," according to RogerEbert.com. 

Metascore: 29

27 of 51 20th Century Fox

23 (tie). Hitman: Agent 47

Based on the Hitman video game series, this reboot of the franchise is "just high-tech Swiss cheese, filled with holes and smelling like last week's refrigerator contents," said the Chicago Sun-Times. 

Metascore: 28

28 of 51 Universal Pictures

23 (tie). 47 Ronin

Starring Keanu Reeves as a samurai (seriously), this fantasy film is "insufferably boring, culturally hegemonic and profoundly ugly," according to Film.com.

Metascore: 28

29 of 51 Lionsgate

23 (tie). Season of the Witch

Nicolas Cage plays a heroic knight of the Crusades in this 2011 fantasy film that is "both overblown and undercooked," per Variety. 

Metascore: 28

30 of 51 Paramount Pictures

17 (tie). Transformers: The Last Knight

The sequel to Age of Extinction is an "incoherent mess," per RogerEbert.com.

Metascore: 27

31 of 51 STX Entertainment

17 (tie). The Happytime Murders

This dark comedy, set in a world with humans and puppets, "doesn't have an interesting story, and the jokes fall flat," per the San Francisco Chronicle. 

Metascore: 27

32 of 51 RLJE Films

17 (tie). Terminal

This thriller that follows two assassins is "as soft-boiled as they come," according to Entertainment Weekly. 

Metascore: 27

33 of 51 Sony Pictures

17 (tie). Pixels

This sci-fi comedy, starring Adam Sandler, is "stupid and lifeless," according to New York Magazine. 

Metascore: 27

34 of 51 Sony Pictures

17 (tie). Flatliners

A remake of the 1990 film of the same name, Flatliners "plays like a malpractice case: a cheap horror film grafted on to an episode of House," said the Wrap.

Metascore: 27

35 of 51 20th Century Fox

17 (tie). Fantastic Four

"Someone forgot to put anything fantastic" into the Fantastic Four reboot, said the New York Daily News. 

Metascore: 27

36 of 51 Universal Pictures

16. Skyline

This sci-fi disaster film is "the most boring alien-invasion movie ever," said the New York Daily News. 

Metascore: 26

37 of 51 Universal Pictures

15. R.I.P.D.

Based on the comic Rest in Peace Department, this Ryan Reynolds-led film is a "dud that squanders a decent cast," according to the Washington Post. 

Metascore: 25

38 of 51 Dimension Films

14. Piranha 3DD

This sequel to Piranha 3D is "gloriously bad," per Boxoffice Magazine.

Metascore: 24

The Roommate
39 of 51 Screen Gems

11 (tie). The Roommate

This psychological thriller "sucks bad, real bad," said Rolling Stone. 

Metascore: 23

40 of 51 Paramount Pictures

11 (tie). Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters

This fantasy film starring Jeremy Renner as a witch hunter is "so demeaningly bad, so utterly without merit, that there is a kind of purity in its awfulness," according to the Guardian. 

Metascore: 23

41 of 51 Screen Gems

11 (tie). Underworld: Blood Wars

The fifth entry in the Underworld franchise is "tragically bereft of the pulp verve this nonsense needs to be tolerable," per Empire.

Metascore: 23

42 of 51 Open Road Films

9 (tie). Max Steel

Based on the eponymous toy line, Max Steel is a "drearily lame time-waster," said Variety. 

Metascore: 22

43 of 51 Rogue

9 (tie). Shark Night 3D

This 2011 horror film is "about as humorless — and joyless — as they come," according to the Austin Chronicle. 

Metascore: 22

44 of 51 Paramount Pictures

7 (tie). The Last Airbender

Based on the television series Avatar: The Last Airbender, this M. Night Shyamalan-helmed fantasy film is "an agonizing experience," per the Chicago Sun-Times. 

Metascore: 20

45 of 51 Open Road Films

7 (tie). A Haunted House

Empire called this found-footage parody film "dreadful." 

Metascore: 20

46 of 51 Entertainment Studios Motion Pictures

6. Replicas

Keanu Reeves stars as a neuroscientist who brings his family back to life in this 2018 thriller that is a "disaster," per We Got This Covered. 

Metascore: 19

47 of 51 20th Century Fox

4 (tie). The Darkest Hour

This 2011 thriller is a "Razzie-worthy sci-fi zero," said Slant Magazine. 

Metascore: 18

48 of 51 20th Century Fox

4 (tie). Vampires Suck

A parody of the Twilight saga, this 2010 horror comedy is a "sloppy, tossed-off collection of parodic gags of vampire flicks and gratuitous pop-cultural references," according to Time Out. 

Metascore: 18

49 of 51 Alliance Films

3. Silent Hill: Revelation 3D

The sequel to 2006's Silent Hill is "stiff, episodic and disjointed," per the AV Club.

Metascore: 16

50 of 51 Sony Pictures

2. The Emoji Movie

This animated comedy is a "soul-crushing disaster because it lacks humor, wit, ideas, visual style, compelling performances, a point of view or any other distinguishing characteristic that would make it anything but a complete waste of your time," The Wrap said. 

Metascore: 12

Scary Movie 5
51 of 51 Dimension Films

1. Scary Movie 5

The fifth installment in the Scary Movie saga is "lazy, boring, vile and tragically unfunny attempt at a horror-film spoof," according to the Washington Post. 

Metascore: 11

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