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Epic Batmobile tribute up for auction

Ready for action

Batmobile interior

Nice wings

Watch for flames

Bring the party

Who needs gullwings?

Smokescreen on the go

Bring your Bat-cash

So you've got your cape and cowl, but you're missing one key component in your crime-fighting toolbox. Fortunately, British auctioneer Historics can help you fill in the gap with this functional Batmobile replica, modeled on the vehicle used in the 1989 Batman movie staring Michael Keaton. The auction will be held November 30 at Mercedes-Benz World UK.
Caption by / Photo by Historics
This Batmobile comes with low mileage, having been driven primarily between conferences, expos, and other promotional events.
Caption by / Photo by Historics
The inside of the Batmobile replica is outfitted with panels similar to those in the film, as well as monitors to keep an eye on the input from front and rear cameras.
Caption by / Photo by Historics
The popular version of the Batmobile from the 1989 film has also made its way into other comics and Batman animated series in the decades that followed.
Caption by / Photo by Historics
Careful when standing or stopping behind this vehicle at an intersection. It's armed with a fully functional flame thrower.
Caption by / Photo by Historics
This model also comes equipped to shine a light on Gotham's shadowy underworld, and can double as a pretty epic party on wheels.
Caption by / Photo by Historics
For some reason, superheroes prefer funky doors on their vehicles, but this Batmobile comes with an electronic ingress and egress design that's more modern, subtle, and functional.
Caption by / Photo by Historics
If you find the included flame thrower a bit melodramatic, the functioning smoke release mechanism on this Batmobile might be more your style. Leave those aggro baddies in a cloud of confusion while you sneak off to your secret lair for more ammo. (May not be legal in cities hosting the Olympics.)
Caption by / Photo by Historics
Even for Batman, it's all about the Benjamins. And you'll need plenty to score this real Batmobile. Auction house Historics estimates its value to be as much as $145,000.
Caption by / Photo by Historics
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