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Substantial internal storage

As in, a hard drive. The Xbox 360 does it. The PS3 does it. Nintendo, if you want downloadable games, you need to do it, too. 250GB or larger, please.
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No novelty hardware

Nintendo has nearly become synonymous with oddball gaming hardware, from the Nintendo DS' dual screens to the Wii's motion controller to the 3DS' 3D display. Some ideas work well, others not so much. All we ask is that if a tablet is indeed part of the Wii 2's rumored design it not be a pointless gimmick.

And, on a related note, no more gimmicky motion control. It didn't take long for Wii motion control to become a tired activity. Gamers quickly realized that just a slight shake would usually perform the same action as an elaborate movement. If the next console uses motion control, we'd prefer if it was more genuine.

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More streaming video options

Netflix is great, but we'd love to see Hulu Plus, YouTube, and more.
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DVD playback, too

We almost don't care anymore, but it's ridiculous that the Wii never had it.
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Cut down on the pointless peripherals

The Wii seems characterized as much by its plastic prostheses as by its Wiimote. The Wii Fit has its use, but the Wii steering wheel, Wii Zapper, Wii Motion Plus, and everything else...let's just hope the Vitality Sensor isn't involved.
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A real online community

Whether Nintendo likes it or not, everyone's online. A shared network for gaming, achievements, and maybe even classic Nintendo ephemera needs to happen.
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No cameras

The Xbox 360, PS3, DSi, and 3DS all sport cameras or camera peripherals, and we've never seen a great use for them. It's probably inevitable that the Wii 2 has some form of camera, but we can always hope it doesn't.
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Support the console with lots of great games, till the bitter end

Wii owners have had almost nothing new to play since late last year. With the next Nintendo console we'd love a commitment from Nintendo to not bleed the well dry so soon. Don't forget, this new console probably won't be around until well into 2012, so that's a very long time for the Wii to go without any killer apps. Also, the Wii 2 will live or die based on its games. The Wii and DS were hits because of their game libraries, not their hardware.
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No wrist straps!

Sure, it sounds silly but those Wii remote wrist straps were a huge pain to deal with. We'd really prefer a less cumbersome concept next time around if they're needed at all.
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Rechargeable batteries built in to the controller

Nuff said.
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