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What's up for appliances and smart home tech in spring 2018

Take a look at what we're anticipating the most on the smart home front in the coming months.

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1 of 17 Logan Moy/CNET

Abode Iota

The Iota, from startup Abode, is an all-in-one security system. Not only does it offer 1080p HD resolution and optional professional monitoring, the Iota also doubles as a Zigbee and Z-Wave hub. It works with Apple HomeKit, Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, too.  

2 of 17 Apple

Apple's World Wide Development Conference 2018

Apple doesn't always make product announcements at its annual developer event, WWDC, but it often gives a preview of its operating systems, which can hint at the future of its hardware. We'll be at this year's conference in person to cover the full breadth of topics, including anything related to Apple HomeKit, HomePod, and Siri.

3 of 17 Asus

Asus Voice

This tri-band AC2200 mesh router has extra security from Trend Micro and doubles as an Amazon Alexa-enabled smart speaker to answer your questions and control your smart devices.

4 of 17 Chris Monroe/CNET

Brilliant Control

Brilliant puts Amazon's assistant Alexa on your wall. Due out soon, the $200 Brilliant Control replaces your light switch. You'll be able to do everything you'd expect with Alexa -- control your smart home, check your calendar, search the web and more with a voice command. Better yet, Brilliant also provides a visual display letting you control your smart home gadgets with a touch.  

5 of 17 Chris Monroe/CNET

D-Link DCS-1820LH LTE Full HD Indoor/Outdoor Camera

D-link's DCS-1820LH LTE Full HD Indoor/Outdoor Camera works over Wi-Fi and LTE. Security cameras powered by cellular connection are becoming more of trend, and models like the DCS-1820LH, the Netgear Arlo Go and the Link-U are paving the way.   

6 of 17 Tyler Lizenby/CNET

Electrolux EFLS627S washing machine

The EFLS627S was inspired by Electrolux's last-gen EFLS617S washing machine. The EFLS617S did an exceptional job removing stains, but the company says its new EFLS627S is even better -- plus it has a redesigned drawer so that pod detergent users have their own dispenser.  

7 of 17 Screenshot by Gordon Gottsegen/CNET

Google I/O 2018

Similar to WWDC, Google's annual developer event often has news or product announcements aimed at its smart home efforts. The company announced the Google Home speaker at I/O 2016, for example. We'll be on the ground at this year's I/O to report on any new developments for Google Home, Google Assistant, Nest, or anything else home-related.

8 of 17 Chris Monroe/CNET

Instant Pot Max

The Instant Pot Max is the latest electric pressure cooker from the company that started the craze. It's also the most advanced Instant Pot yet. The six-quart Max can crank up its internal pressure to a full 15 pounds per square inch. That means it'll cook faster than any Instant Pot before it. The Max will also have enhanced touchscreen controls plus canning and sous vide modes. Instant Pot expects the Max to hit stores in May 2018. 

9 of 17 Tyler Lizenby/CNET

Kohler Verdara smart mirror

Kohler has an entire bathroom's worth of connected fixtures coming out this year as part of its new Kohler Konnect smart product line. We expect the Verdara mirror will be one of the first. The key features are an Alexa speaker built in (how do you feel about a microphone in the bathroom?) and programmable LEDs running down the sides.

10 of 17 Chris Monroe/CNET

Nanoleaf Dodecahedron remote

We're eagerly awaiting the arrival of Nanoleaf's new square-shaped, touch-sensitive light panels, but in the meantime, there's a nifty new control device coming this spring. Forget a square shape -- it's a 12-sided, color-changing dodecahedron that'll change your lights to different presets depending on which face you rotate to the top. It's also compatible with Apple HomeKit, meaning you can use it to trigger your HomeKit scenes, too. The cost: $50.  

11 of 17 Josh Miller/CNET

Nest Temperature Sensor

We've waited a long time for a remote temperature sensor from Nest -- and it's finally here. Stick a Nest Temperature Sensor in your kid's room and use it as the default for running your heat and A/C. You can also set schedules to switch up whether your thermostat or a Nest sensor acts as the default.  

12 of 17 Chris Monroe/CNET

Nokia Sleep

Nokia's Sleep is supposed to work like a smart mattress. But instead of swapping out your whole mattress for a connected version, Nokia now sells a sleep "pad" that you tuck under your existing mattress. It's supposed to tell you how long you sleep, how restful your sleep was and even track snoring.   

13 of 17 Philips

Philips Hue Entertainment

Philips Hue has been selling us on color-changing light bulbs for years now. This year, the company wants to help you sync those lights up with your favorite media. The effort is called Hue Entertainment, and it's already yielded lighting integrations for PC gamers. The next big step comes this spring, with the release of free Hue Sync software that'll synchronize your lights with whatever's on your screen. We can't wait to test it out.  

14 of 17 Ring

Ring Stick Up Cam Elite

The Ring Stick Up Cam Elite is similar to the company's original Stick Up Cam, but this version relies on a adapter for power (rather than a battery). This upcoming indoor/outdoor camera has 1080p HD live streaming, two-way talk and motion detection.   

15 of 17 Chris Monroe/CNET

Whirlpool Smart Over-the-Range Microwave

Whirlpool's Wi-Fi-enabled Smart Over-the-Range Microwave will work with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa beginning this spring.That means you can give voice commands to a device with one of the digital assistants, and you'll be able to control your microwave.  

16 of 17 Chris Monroe/CNET

Whirlpool's Sunset Bronze refrigerator finish

Smart fridges always compete for attention at CES these days, but this year, the one that really caught our eye came from Whirlpool. It isn't just because of the champagne-colored "Sunset Bronze" finish -- the clever, understated touchscreen comes packed with useful-sounding features based on common kitchen routines, and the virtual Amazon Dash buttons seem like a great idea, too. Eye-catching design, useful tech that doesn't try to do too much. Is this the smart fridge sweet spot?  

17 of 17 Chris Monroe/CNET

Whirlpool Smart Front-Control Range

Whirlpool's Smart Front-Control Range, along with the company's other internet-connected appliances, will also work with the voice-activated Google Assistant and the Amazon Alexa assistant.  

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