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Warning Shot

If you're an aviation enthusiast and you've been to Tucson, Ariz., there's a good chance you've visited the Pima Air & Space Museum, one of the country's best collections of mothballed and vintage airplanes.

But unless you've been in the last week, you haven't seen the exhibition of planes in the collection that have been re-imagined by a group of contemporary artists. Until May 31, the "Round Trip: Art from the Boneyard Project" exhibition is on display at the museum, and if you have a chance, you might well want to make the trip.

As part of the exhibit, artist painted five of the collection's planes, as well as two partial cockpits. And, the show also includes a much broader set of nose cones and tails from a previous exhibition.

This is "Warning Shot," by Retna. It is a DC3 that has been painted with ink and latex.

Photo by: Jason Wawro

Time Flies

This is "Time Flies," by How & Nosm. It is a spray-painted DC3 in the "Round Trip: Art from the Boneyard Project" exhibition on now through May 31 at the Pima Air & Space Museum in Tucson, Ariz.
Photo by: Andrew Brown

Spy Tiger

This is Andrew Schoultz's "Spy Tiger," a Lockheed V140 painted with acrylic.
Photo by: Jason Wawro

Phoenix of Metal

This is Nunca's "Phoenix of Metal," a spray-painted DC3.
Photo by: Andrew Brown

Naughty Angels

This is "Naughty Angels," by Faile. It is a Beechcraft C45 painted with acrylic.
Photo by: Andrew Brown

Jerky Jermel

This is artist Bast's Jerky Jermel, a DC3 cockpit painted with acrylic and spray paint.
Photo by: Andrew Brown

Warriors of Peace

Artist Saner painted this C-97 cockpit with acrylic. It is called "Warriors of Peace."
Photo by: Andrew Brown


This is Randy Slack's "Enos," a C54 propeller painted with enamel, spray paint, and collage.
Photo by: Jason Wawro

10 Years of War

This is "10 Years of War," by Trustocorp. It is a P3 horizontal stabilizer done with mixed media.
Photo by: Andrew Brown


This is "Untitled," by artist Crash. It is a spray painted C130 tail.
Photo by: Andrew Brown


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