Mario parties at a bar

If Mario were a real person, he would be hanging out at the local watering hole while brother Luigi leans in for a photobomb opportunity. This is one of artist Andrew Golden's series of video game character Facebook profiles. Is that Mario's date on the right?
Photo by: Andrew Golden

Blinky goes clubbing

Blinky, one of the ghosties from Pac-Man, is definitely the rave type of video game character. Andrew Golden's Blinky Facebook profile features trolling comments from Pac-Man and Mrs. Pac-Man.
Photo by: Andrew Golden

Drake takes a family vacation

Drake may be the adventure-hungry star of of the Uncharted series, but Los Angeles-based artist Andrew Golden thinks Drake would be showcasing his family trip to the Grand Canyon on Facebook.
Photo by: Andrew Golden

Star Fox is too cool for Facebook

If Star Fox had a Facebook profile, he would have an album full of Hipstmatic prints. Artist Andrew Golden has created a series of imaginary Facebook pages for video game characters.
Photo by: Andrew Golden

Goro is a workout warrior

Goro is buffing up for his next Mortal Kombat match in Andrew Golden's series of Facebook photos for popular video game characters. Goro's extra arms and 12-pack are on display at the gym. The ladies of Mortal Kombat chime in on his physique.
Photo by: Andrew Golden

Donkey Kong has a bongo jam

Donkey Kong gets his jam on with a group of bongo players and promotes his next gig in a made-up Facebook photo from Andrew Golden's series of video game character Facebook pages.
Photo by: Andrew Golden

Princess Peach takes a self-portrait

Princess Peach from the Mario series strikes a familiar Facebook pose. The bathroom mirror self-portrait reveals that despite her dainty appearance, she's actually a bit of a slob.
Photo by: Andrew Golden

Snake with a buddy in Iraq

Metal Gear Solid baddie Snake strikes a rugged pose in Iraq with a buddy who's a bit grabby. Andrew Golden's video game character Facebook imaginings cover the gamut from Zelda to Mortal Kombat.
Photo by: Andrew Golden

Zelda and her fella

Few video game couples are as famous as Zelda and Link. Artist Andrew Golden brings them together in a Facebook photo in dramatic black and white with the caption, "Me and My Boo Engaged!!"
Photo by: Andrew Golden


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