Verizon smart phone

Verizon is offering a smart home service that lets people view their energy use or monitor for security. People can view data from a PC, smart phone, or TV.

Photo by: Martin LaMonica

Fios TV smart home service

Using a TV, a person could, for example, change the home settings to "night time" to adjust the thermostat and lighting.

Photo by: Martin LaMonica

Z Wave gear

To enable the smart home, Verizon is reselling Z-Wave wireless networking equipment, including a Z-Wave to Wi-Fi gateway, security lock, and thermostat. Different kits will be available.

Photo by: Martin LaMonica

Controlling home appliances

If several appliances are plugged into a Z-Wave controller, then people can remotely control their home, such as adjusting lighting.

Photo by: Martin LaMonica


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