Verizon shows off its 4G LTE wares

Verizon Wireless expanded the size of its booth at CES this year to show off more gadgets.
Photo by: Roger Cheng/CNET

VGo goes where you can't

The VGo telepresence robot was a favorite of the booth. The robot acts as a proxy for someone who can't physically be somewhere, whether it be because of distance or a medical reason. It has a monitor to show the face of the person, as well as a camera and microphone so that person can see and hear everything VGo can. That person can control where the robot can go. VGo has been out with Wi-Fi for a year, but an LTE version was announced at the show.
Photo by: Roger Cheng/CNET

Greetings from Boston

Mimi, who was controlling the robot from Boston, was around to greet convention-goers on the VGo telepresence robot.
Photo by: Roger Cheng/CNET

The Kopin Golden-I

Like something out of Star Trek, the Golden-I displays a small screen using a special visor. It's ideal for tapping into camera feeds or looking up diagnostic manuals while repairing cars or other gadgets. The device is voice controlled, so you're hands are free to do other things. The device is made by Kopin and Motorola Solutions.
Photo by: Roger Cheng/CNET

CNET reporter tries on the Golden-I

The 1-inch display actually does a good job of showing what was on the screen.
Photo by: Verizon Wireless

Rubbermaid's remote specialist

The monitor allows doctors to remotely diagnose patients and offer advice.
Photo by: Roger Cheng/CNET

InTouch's remote gurney

Part of the health care section of Verizon's booth.
Photo by: Roger Cheng/CNET

Diebold's connected ATM

With a 4G LTE connection, the ATM can offer more sophisticated services, including a video conference with a remote teller.
Photo by: Roger Cheng/CNET

Seagate's connected hard drive

The portable hard drive is constantly connected to cloud with a 4G LTE connection, so you can store files there even if you aren't close to it.
Photo by: Roger Cheng/CNET

The connected Chevy Volt

The Chevy Volt with Verizon's 4G connection and OnStar was on display.
Photo by: Roger Cheng/CNET

Inside the Volt

The Chevy Volt has a number of devices tapped in--via Wi-Fi--to its 4G LTE connection.
Photo by: Roger Cheng/CNET


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