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Light-up heart shirts

Wondering what to get your guy for the day Hallmark tells you to express your love? Scroll through this gallery for some geek-worthy ideas.

8-Bit Dynamic Life Shirt, $18

His and her monogrammed towels just got an upgrade. When two of these interactive shirts get within hugging distance all hearts illuminate.

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Hipster headphones

Urban Ears, $40-$60

For the hard-to-buy-for hipster. Urban Ears headphones come in 14 different colors, a series of styles, and even a mystery multicolor option where the colors are randomly selected for you!

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Wireless headphones

Plantronics BackBeat wireless headphones, $100

These headphones are a practical gift your man will appreciate. Ditch the wires to connect to your computer, iPod, tablet. It's the gift that keeps on giving.

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Warm and fuzzy microbes

Gift box of mini plush microbes, $20

Nothing says I love you like the flu. This box of hearts, or, um, microbes is a sure-fire hit, including but not limited to the common cold and pneumonia, and penicillin.

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Adorable docks

Speakal iBoo, iPig, iCrystal, $80-$130

These trendy iPod docking stations pump out some serious volume. With separate remote control.

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Easy self-expression

Like and Dislike stamps, $14

Stamps that show how you really feel--Facebook style. Great for office docs, invoices, or grading kids papers. (We're kidding.)

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USB drink cooler

Mini USB beverage cooler, $20

Make your desk look cool and keep your beverage cool simultaneously with this tiny one-can refrigerator for your desk. When you just want one can and you want it cold.

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HD-video goggles

Image Summit Series HD-video goggle, $250

For the ultimate skier. Take 5-megapixel stills and 720p HD video from your point of view on the slopes. By popping in a 16GB card you can store more than 9,000 photos or almost six hours of video. The lithium ion battery will last you up to 1.5 hours in video mode.

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Telepresence tool

Cisco Umi, $600 (limited-time buy one, get one free)

Long-distance relationships are no problem with the latest in technology. Just call each other through the TV. Although it comes with a $600 price tag, it's the latest in telepresence right through the TV. It's a 1080p video calling device that attaches to any HDTV and broadband. It even records messages in 720p to send.

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Retro sweetness

Snoopy Sno Cone Machine, $18

Vintage gadgetry is in, and that goes for the Snoopy Sno Cone Maker too! It comes with everything your little man needs to make amazing iced treats.

Updated:Caption:Photo:Toys "R" Us
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Toast from the dark side

Darth Vader toaster, $50

Breakfast in bed just leveled up. Burn your toast with an image of Darth Vader and roast your coffee on the dark side with whole beans created by Storm Troopers.

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iPhone flip-out keyboard

iPhone case with flip-out keyboard, $40

Perfect for everyone hopping on the iPhone bandwagon. This iPhone case with flip-out keyboard lets you text like a BlackBerry champion!

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