The life of a technology journalist is an endless whirlwind of cocktail receptions, champagne launches and debauched parties, as manufacturers and PR types try to butter us up for their latest products. It never works, of course: we're as neutral as a beige pashmina. But we still wake up the next morning bleary-eyed and hurty-headed, our pockets full of half-chewed canapés, mystery ladygirls' phone numbers and odd little bits of plastic: the ubiquitous press release on a USB stick. It's high time we celebrated these mini-megabyte marvels, so we called in CNET UK's Fashion and Stylish Storage Editor, Gok Wanhundredandtwentyeightmeg:

"Hello lovers! Press events are as predictable as 80s revivals. There'll be a selection of old-school print journalists in seriously awful photographer vests asking questions about processors (in six parts), gaggles of online hacks in ill-fitting jeans tweeting madly like anyone actually cares, and of course your fave fashion-forward CNET UK fashionista, Gok Wanhundredandtwentyeightmeg, with one eye on my fuchsia netbook, one on the champagne tab, and one on the line of my trousers.

"And whether we're racing rally cars, weirding out at IFA, or breaking the bank at Monte Carlo, we always come back with pockets full of woefully under-specced USB sticks. The days of paper press releases are long gone, and these miracles of modern engineering mean we can get all the specs we need for the latest gadgets and gizmos. We had a whip-round at CNET Towers and now we're showing this capsule collection of USB sticks what we found lying about the place. Continuez-click to see the best-dressed USBs, darling. Mwah!"

The most popular design by far. The versatile silver twist works with any brand. Shake any style-savvy technology journalist upside-down by the ankles and a veritable sackfull of these will fall out.
We love our credit cards almost as much as we love our limbs, and Olympus and Philips really own the fold-out USB thingamajig in these credit card-sized numbers. Wipeout's USB connector is fixed -- daring detail or fashion faux pas?
The classic preppy two-piece may have an unimpeachable heritage, but it's still a yawnsome look for yawnsome brands. Le sigh.
Far more fun are these games-related pieces. These contemporary twists on the classic design flaunt the playful side of USB, with bold prints and provocative colours.
There's a cheeky nod to the past from these vintage brands. They may no longer be with us, but the legacy lives on -- can you say R.E.T.R.O?
There's some audacious showings from the big names: Nikon's touchably tactile offering, Microsoft's cheeky peek-a-boo design, Panasonic's super-secure lockable model, T-Mobile's springy elasticated lid, and AT&T's sleek two-tone take.
Bling is a major theme this season, with these shiny numbers shimmying on to the scene.
Two-tone is another versatile look for both the high street and the red carpet, with bold colours layered over silver. Tres chic.
Rounded ends are an uberhot look this season. We mean sizzling. Miaowch!
Small is beautiful with these size-zero models, each smaller than an immaculately manicured thumbnail.
There's nothing like a smooth action. These numbers all feature a totally smoochsome sliding style. So fierce!
These illuminating pieces keep things light with LEDs and torches against svelte silhouettes.
This PC-Ware piece is both stylish and practical. Just like yours truly, dahlings!
Flirty curves are big this season, especially when teamed with an eco-friendly message. V worthy, sweetness.
Lastly but not leastly, this season sees some welcome flashes of eccentricity, such as Java's oh-so-organic earthy tones, Emtec's daring candy swirl, and General Electric's totes adorable snapper. Ciao!


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