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Tablets, arise!

The proliferation of tablets has spawned dozens of creative and cool stands for the reading-friendly mobile devices. It's time for tablets to take a stand!

Designer Scott Eaton took inspiration from the ancient Moai of Easter Island to create this stand for a tablet and phone. He introduced it at the London Design Festival in 2014.

Published:Caption:Photo:Eaton London
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Cardboard cutout

Cardboard Safari's stand for the iPad is inspired by '50s-era televisions.

Published:Caption:Photo:Cardboard Safari
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Monster prop

This soft, pillow-like stand by Flazbag works much like the Mae West Lips Sofa by Salvador Dali; the tablet sits on the jutting lower lip.

Published:Caption:Photo:Fläzbag/TM Products
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Different-thinking tablet stand

A YouTube video by Maturine Deschain demonstrates how to turn a classic Mac into a tablet stand.

Published:Caption:Photo:Maturine Deschain
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Printed prop

A 3D printer produced this PLA plastic universal tablet stand. The stand is also adjustable.

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Fishy accessory

This lightweight stand is designed for a minimal footprint...or tailprint. Its aluminum fins and tail adjust to enable  different viewing angles. The end of the tail also works as a handle.

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Remote-controlled stand

WowWee makes a pivoting stand that can rotate up to 270 degrees. The movement can be controlled wirelessly using a remote. It also comes with speakers.
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Minimalist rocker

The beautifully minimalistic Yohann iPad stand is the brainchild of Swiss designer Berend Frenzel.

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Eight-legged holder

The aptly named Breffo Spiderpodium has bendable legs. Use it as a stand, or wrap the legs around the back of a car seat to keep kids entertained on the road.

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Kid-friendly option

Speck's iGuy for iPad Mini tablets is both free-standing and durable. A soft foam construction means no more cracked iPads...and a lot of huggability.

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Block design

The Etsy store Andrew's Reclaimed used re-purposed deck railings to create this stand.

Published:Caption:Photo:Andrew's Reclaimed/Etsy
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Silicon Valley tribute?

A current media darling (Vogue, Vanity Fair, Wired) the "Venus of Cupertino" is another cool stand from London designer Scott Eaton.

Published:Caption:Photo:Eaton London
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Luxury model

Backed with felt and hand-crafted, the V-luxe is made in limited runs. The price tag: $1,500.

Published:Caption:Photo:BKNY Design
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Stand for science

The "Dock of Science" is both a stand and a charger. And, yep, that's a working radiometer on there.

Published:Caption:Photo:WoodGuy32/Old Time Computer/Etsy
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