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Even though the store remains shrouded in secrecy, literally, we popped down to the site of the Sydney city Apple Store, on the corner of George St and King St, to see how work was coming along.

Admiring from afar
The site is a buzzing hive of activity, with construction workers and security at both entrances, and there is some indication that work on the store is nearing completion. Rumours suggest the interior of the store is being modelled on the flagship store in New York.

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A tell-tale sign
When was the last time they took deliveries on a construction site while construction continued around the shop fitting? Soon these workers will have to clear out to make way for the team of "Mac Geniuses", taking away their drills and hammers to make space for the iMacs and iPhones.

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A tall story
The tight, black fabric covering the site suggests a store at least three storeys tall. That's a massive space for a company whose catalogue features only four major product lines.

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Call Now!
Apple fans act fast! This is your chance to live directly above a sea of glossy Apple products.

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A call to arms
As per the rumours, this is the balcony where we predict Steve Jobs will stand to address the legion of Aussie Apple fanatics when the store opens; tossing iPhones down at us, while we stagger about, lost in the "reality distortion field" Jobs is so famous for.

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