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HolidayBuyer's Guide

Ultimate Ears 100

Ultimate Ears 200

Ultimate Ears 200vi

Ultimate Ears 350

Ultimate Ears 500 & 500vi

Ultimate Ears In-Ear Reference Monitors

At the bottom of the line, Ultimate Ears has introduced the 100 series. These ultracompact earbuds come in a variety of designs to suit your personal taste and will set you back only $19.99.
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For $29.99, you can get your hands on a pair of Ultimate Ears 200 sound-isolating earphones. These come in a choice of three colors--blue, gray, or purple--and each includes five sizes of ear cushions from XXS to L. They're also sweat-resistant to keep them in top shape during those grueling workouts.
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The Ultimate Ears 200vi are practically identical to the 200s, but add an inline mic and call-answer button. There's also a remote--compatible with iPod, iPhone, and Blackberry devices--that lets you skip tracks, pause playback, and adjust volume. This headset goes for a reasonable $39.99.
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These 350 noise-isolating earphones are aimed at bass-addicts. They're tuned by the same engineers who create monitors for musicians with a hankering for deep bass. The sound space supposedly makes you feel like you're "in the middle of a club." They're also ultratiny and will cost you $49.99.
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The Ultimate Ears 500 earphones seem to be the company's answer to the Klipsch Image S4s, offering a "refined and immersive sound stage" for a mere $69.99. They also purport to offer a tangle-free cord that will save you time and a super comfy fit with the earphones sitting flush with the ear. Ultimate Ears also offers a 500vi with the integrated mic and remote for $79.99.
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At the top end of the line, Ultimate Ears is now offering a follow-up to the outstanding UE-10 Pro. These are simply dubbed In-Ear Reference Monitors and, like their predecessor, they will require a visit to the audiologist for custom-molded eartips. They'll also set you back about a grand, so these are not for the faint of heart--or the budget-conscious.
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