Defeat the fail whale

Knock Knock, which makes humorous paper products, has come up with the perfect gift for those who are too analog to have discovered Twitter: Paper Tweets.

It's also not a bad backup idea for when the inevitable fail whale emerges.

Photo by: Ina Fried/CNET

We want your tweets

So, we thought it would be fun to see what you, the readers, could do with a pad like this. Here's the info on where to send your paper tweets.
Photo by: Ina Fried/CNET

An idea to get you started

Here's one idea from CNET Editor in Chief Scott Ard, which comes in the wake of Prince's pronouncement that the Internet is kind of played out.
Photo by: Ina Fried/CNET

Your turn

Here's a blank Paper Tweet so you can try out your idea and e-mail or fax it in to us. See slide No. 2 for the details.
Photo by: Ina Fried/CNET


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