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Toshiba not-that-exciting Excite 7

The 7-inch Toshiba slate offers mediocre specs inside a basic build with little extra to sway your interest. With tablets in the same price range featuring higher resolution screens and smoother performance, the Excite 7 falls short of impressing, let alone exciting, any possible buyers.

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Awkward speaker placement

When held in portrait-orientation, the Excite 7's speakers are located on the bottom edge, so when you hold the tablet in landscape mode, you're inevitably covering one of the speakers. Considering their audio quality, this might be a good thing.

Updated:Caption:Photo:James Martin/CNET

3-megapixel rear camera

The rear and front cameras take fuzzy, washed out photos that rival any over-contrasted Instagram filter.

Updated:Caption:Photo:James Martin/CNET

Straight edge

The Excite 7's black-bezeled front features a straight edge, opposed to rounded, that slightly digs into your palms at certain angles. This can be uncomfortable if watching a movie or holding the tablet for a long time.

Updated:Caption:Photo:James Martin/CNET

Lower than the rest

The 7-inch Toshiba features a 1,024x600-pixel resolution, which is considerably lower than today's top tablets, and although HD video looks fine, pixels are very visible when it comes to small text.

Updated:Caption:Photo:James Martin/CNET

Bumpy back

The grey textured back panel slightly helps grip the device and feels comfortable on your fingertips.

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Ports on top

All of the Excite 7's ports are conveniently located on one edge. The microSD card slot is always a welcome addition to easily add more storage space.

Updated:Caption:Photo:James Martin/CNET
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