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The only one

Torn Lives, a photo blog on Tumblr, asks viewers to submit torn or cut photos and provide a line of text to "complete" the picture. This "assignment" yields a variety of results, with some participants taking a hint from blog PostSecret and submitting confessions or secrets of some sort (as here...
Photo by: Torn Lives

This guy

...and here).
Photo by: Torn Lives

The man torn out of the picture

Sometimes people submit photos they seem to have been pondering for years.
Photo by: Torn Lives

Sword fight

Other pictures seem more recent.
Photo by: Torn Lives


The visual treatment of the pictures can be quite different, with some handled in an unexpected way.
Photo by: Torn Lives


And some of the pictures seem to have been taken specifically for the blog, with varying levels of effectiveness.
Photo by: Torn Lives


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