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Too comfortable to stop driving

With its stunning looks, the 2015 Mercedes-Benz S550 Coupe sets a new bar for driving comfort, yet can also handle twisty roads with confidence and power. Its Internet features let it down somewhat, but it carves a path toward the self-driving car of the future.

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With Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, Pioneer's flagship is the one receiver to rule them all

The flagship AVIC-8100NEX isn't just the top of Pioneer's line, it's one of the best, most fully featured audio receivers on the market. Just make sure you're not buying more functionality than you really need. Five stars!

Note: Pioneer will also be offering Android Auto compatibility in the UK and Australia, but models and pricing hadn't been announced at the time of this review.

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A uniquely designed waterproof Bluetooth speaker

You can get cheaper Bluetooth speakers that do the job, but the small yet versatile UE Roll has more to distinguish itself for the price -- both in terms of design and performance.

$114.98 at Amazon
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A battle-ready phone with long battery life

AT&T customers looking for a sturdier handset will find the Galaxy S6 Active a worthy upgrade to an already top-caliber phone.

Note: This phone is currently available only in the US.

$344.00 at Amazon
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All the features and sound you need at a budget price

Unless you have a huge home theater or tough-to-drive speakers, the Yamaha RX-V379's combination of useful features and solid performance may be all you need.

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