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Cree's affordable floodlight is an LED value

Cree's BR30 LED offers strong performance at a clear value. For most lighting setups, it's an excellent choice.

Published:Caption:CNET Reviews staffPhoto:Tyler Lizenby/CNET

Parrot's Bluetooth car kit gains colorful plumage, improved voice command options

The Parrot Minikit Neo 2 HD is a solid and safe choice for drivers looking to add Bluetooth functionality to their ride without the hassle of installing a new dashboard stereo.

Published:Caption:CNET Reviews staffPhoto:Antuan Goodwin/CNET

DJ headphones with a rich soul

The Philips A5 Pro headphones might be tuned and marketed for DJs, but their incredibly detailed, balanced soundstage makes them well-suited for anyone.

Published:Caption:CNET Reviews staffPhoto:Sarah Tew/CNET

With the all-new XC90, Volvo vies for luxury legitimacy

The 2016 Volvo XC90 takes aim at German luxury and hits its mark with well-thought-out Sensus Connect tech, clever amenities and Swedish style.

Published:Caption:CNET Reviews staffPhoto:Antuan Goodwin/CNET

The design remains the same, but the screen is sharper

The Kindle Paperwhite gets an HD screen, and while it isn't as big an upgrade as you'd think, it's a welcome addition, incrementally enhancing the Kindle reading experience.

Published:Caption:CNET Reviews staffPhoto:Sarah Tew/CNET

This cube is ready for action

GoPro sheds its housing for the Hero4 Session, an excellent POV camera that's ready to capture what the day brings -- in or out of the water -- at the press of a button.

Published:Caption:CNET Reviews staffPhoto:Sarah Tew/CNET

The NX500 is a great general-purpose ILC, if you don't miss a viewfinder

The Samsung NX500 offers a lot of useful features, excellent video quality, and action-friendly performance that makes it a nice choice for families and travelers.

Published:Caption:CNET Reviews staffPhoto:Sarah Tew/CNET
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