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Apple iPad Air

The Apple iPad is arguably the most popular tablet with a slick high-end design, but it's true strength lies within its App Store. Not only does it feature the most apps, but by and large the highest-quality versions of multi platform apps as well.

The iPad is not perfect -- it's expensive and there are no physical storage expansion options -- and if Apple's tablets don't do anything for you, there are plenty of viable alternatives. Keep clicking, tapping, or swiping through to take a look.

$122.30 at Walmart
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Samsung Galaxy Tab S

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S is tailor-made for video watching on-the-go. Its pixel-packed screen, impressively large range of colors and unparalleled deep blacks will leave you mesmerized. With a microSD card expansion slot in tow, all movie and TV lovers can easily load all of their favorites onto the Tab S.

$165.00 at Amazon
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Microsoft Surface Pro 3

If you want ditch your laptop for a tablet, the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 is the best replacement money can buy. Its keyboard cover is one of the best accessories to grace a slate and it's a performance powerhouse for all of your productivity needs.

$779.00 at Amazon
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Sony Xperia Z2

The Sony Xperia Z2 is a waterproof slate that doesn't compromise looks for performance. The lightweight 10-incher rocks a super sleek design and offers speedy and smooth performance. The fact that it can also take a spill makes it a rare tablet with built-in durability.

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Google Nexus 10

Look for this one to get replaced fairly soon. For now, it's definitely one of the cheaper alternatives, but aside from its still impressive 2,560x1,600 resolution, its specs are getting a bit long in the tooth.

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