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Xbox 360 Slim (250GB)

The new quieter and sleeker Xbox 360 comes with integrated and a dedicated Kinect port. If you’re looking to buy Kinect, too, you may want to look at Microsoft’s bundles. However, for the starting price of $299, we’re recommending the stand-alone model.

$394.00 at Amazon
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Sony PlayStation 3 Slim Move Bundle (320GB)

Priced at $350, the PS3 Slim Move Bundle is not only an excellent value, but offers an impressive amount of storage space, too. And because the PS3 is such a great media hub, we recommend all the hard-drive space you can get.

$649.99 at Amazon
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Nintendo 3DS

It may have stumbled out of the gate, but the future looks bright for the Nintendo 3DS. An enormous 32 percent price drop and a slew of games staged to pop up in time for the holiday season make the 3DS a viable gift choice for the gamer on the go.

$289.00 at Amazon
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Sony PSP 3000

It may be on its way out soon to be replaced by the PS Vita, but the original PSP still has an impressive game library (most of which is discounted), great graphics, and a price that can’t be beat. Available for as low as $130 online, the PSP still has a little life left in it.

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