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Xbox 360 Kinect

Kinect is one of the fastest-selling pieces of consumer electronics ever! The controller-less system lets players use their bodies to interact with games, and now that Kinect has a year under its belt, some unique and innovative titles have hit the scene.


Nyko Zoom

One of our biggest complaints about Xbox Kinect is the amount of living room real estate you’ll need to enjoy the full experience. The Nyko Zoom aims to lessen the prerequisite by using a wider lens attachment. It may take a bit of trial and error, but the Zoom is definitely worth checking out if you have a cramped gaming environment.


Xbox 360 Wireless Controller with Transforming D-Pad

It’s no secret that the original Xbox 360 controller suffered from a subpar D-pad. To correct the situation, last year Microsoft introduced an alternative solution that featured a transforming D-pad, giving gamers the option to play the way they wanted. The result is a great controller with a slick new color scheme and improved analog sticks as well.


Astro A40 Wireless System

One of the best-sounding wireless headsets we’ve ever tested, the Astro A40 is a great complete system that offers superb surround sound. It may be a bit pricey, but the A40s may be the only system you’ll ever need.


Turtle Beach Ear Force PX5

For the gamer who wants total control over every last nuance and detail of surround sound, the PX5s are the ultimate in gamer audio customization. Eighteen presets allow for every type of audio filter imaginable, giving players the ultimate advantage in online play.

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