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Mophie Juice Pack Air – RRP AU$129.95

Stuck trying to find gifts for the iPhone fanatic in your family? Let CNET point out a few choice iPhone accessories sure to put a smile on their dial.

From the range of external iPhone batteries and recharge kits available on the market, the Mophie takes the cake for its sleek design. Its 1000mAh battery pack isn't the biggest on the market, but its tough plastic cover design makes it the most convenient to use.

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Paul Frank iPhone cases – RRP AU$39.95

For those iPhone users dying to pull away from the glossy black plastic crowd, designer Paul Frank has a range of really fantastic rubber iPhone covers. They make no real promise to protect the iPhone from anything other than the shame of being the same as every other iPhone in town, but they are a nice way to brighten up your otherwise subdued mobile phone.

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Altec Lansing Orbit-M 360 – RRP AU$69.95

Portable speaker systems can be a tricky item to buy. Often the emphasis is on style rather than substance, and the result is a sleek iPod dock blaring tinny music. The Altec Lansing Orbit punches above its weight with excellent sound from a well-designed and compact unit.

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Cygnett GrooveTransmit – RRP AU$129.95

iPhone-friendly FM radio transmitters are as hard to choose as portable speakers, and for much the same reason. While there are several attractive units available, we're yet to be truly blown away by one particular car iPhone accessory. For this reason we suggest the Cygnett; it does a decent job and it won't break the bank.

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Sennheiser MM 50 for iPhone – RRP AU$99.95

If your special someone wants a great sounding pair of in-ear headphones with hands-free capabilities, then you can't go passed this excellent pair from Sennheiser. The sound is excellent and microphone works well too. If they'd prefer over-ear headphones, then Sennheiser's MM400 might be a better choice, though they are considerably more expensive.

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