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Top 10 most-wanted 2010 HDTVs

Way back in February, right after the new 2010 TVs were announced at CES, we polled CNET readers asking which TVs they most wanted us to review this year. Although many of them haven't been reviewed yet, rest assured we're working as hard as we can to secure review samples of these popular models as soon as the manufacturers send them. In the meantime, after 5,432 votes (and 68 comments), here are the results.

No. 10: Toshiba CELL TV (4 percent)

Highlights: 3D, ultraexpensive with crazy processing

Status: Unreviewed (shipping in late 2010)

Frankly we're a little surprised at the tepid interest in Toshiba's kitchen-sink TV, which offers more extras and options than any TV we've ever seen thanks to the same CELL processor found in the PS3. Pricing and availability are still unknown, aside from "expensive" and sometime this year.

More info on the Toshiba CELL TV
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No. 9: LG LX9500 series (5 percent)

Highlights: 3D, local dimming LED-based LCD, thin bezel

Status: Unreviewed (shipping now)

Ever since we published the review of the step-down LG LE8500, which performed extremely well, we've been curious to see how the company's flagship measures up. We suspect that if the poll were reconducted now, the 9500 would rank higher than ninth.

More info on the LG LX9500 series
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No. 8: Samsung PNC8000 series (6.1 percent)

Highlights: 3D, plasma with "real black" filter

Status: Unreviewed (shipping now)

Our recent review of the Samsung PNC590 series was a bit disappointing from a videophile standpoint, but Samsung assures us this flagship plasma sails in deeper (black) waters. We'll see once the company sends us one, but in the meantime we are surprised readers didn't rank this one higher.

More info on the Samsung PNC8000 series

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No. 8 (tie): Sharp LC-LE810UN series (6.1 percent)

Highlights: full-array LED-based LCD, extra yellow pixel

Status: Unreviewed (shipping now)

The main selling point of an extra yellow pixel isn't enough to propel the newest Sharp past some of the bigger names in the poll, and we're skeptical, even after the Powerpoint presentation, that it will have a picture quality benefit. We've been promised a review sample soon, however, so we'll see.

More info on the Sharp LC-LE810UN series

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No. 6: Vizio XVT Pro series (7.5 percent)

Highlights: 3D, local dimming LED-based LCD

Status: Unreviewed (shipping August)

The XVT Pro models add 3D to the long list of features found on Vizio's even more highly anticipated 2XVT models, all for a price that helps explain their wanted-ness.

More info on the Sharp LE-810UN series

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No. 5: Vizio 552XVT series (9.8 percent)

Highlights: local dimming LED-based LCD, QWERTY keyboard remote

Status: Reviewed

After more than a year since first being announced, the App-happy 2XVT models, complete with QWERTY remote, are worth the wait.

Updated:Caption:Photo:Sarah Tew/CNET
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No. 4: Panasonic TC-PG20/25 series (12.4 percent)

Highlights: Plasma with excellent initial black level performance

Status: Reviewed

After the black-level debacle of 2009, our first review of Panasonic's new plasma--always popular with videophile voters--is disappointingly still-in-progress. It's looking good so far, though.

Updated:Caption:Photo:Sarah Tew/CNET
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No. 3: Samsung UNC9000 series (13.2 percent)

Highlights: 3D, edge-lit LED-based LCD, touch-screen remote

Status: Unreviewed (available now)

It's no surprise that Samsung's best-featured LCD made it into the top three. But voters might have cast their ballots differently if they knew it started at $5,400 for the 46-incher. The step-down UNC8000 series, which we reviewed in April, definitely has better mass appeal.

More info on the Samsung UNC9000 series

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No. 2: Panasonic TC-PVT20/25 series (13.4 percent)

Highlights: 3D, plasma with 96Hz refresh rate option

Status: Unreviewed (available now)

With all the hype surrounding this 3D plasma, we're surprised it's not No. 1. We've been told we'll get ours soon, but until then the anticipation is tough to bear.

More info on the Panasonic TC-PVT20/25 series

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No. 1: Sony XBR-HX900 series (14 percent)

Highlights: 3D, local dimming LED-based LCD

Status: Unreviewed (probably available in July)

Perhaps it's fond memories of Sony's last local-dimming LED-based LCD, or ballot stuffing by fanboys, but either way the HX900 wins in overall drool accumulation. That release date is just a guess--we expect final pricing and availability to be announced at Sony's big 3D launch event June 9th.

More info on the Sony XBR-HX900 series

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