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Welcome to the last Crave story you'll read from me. As regular listeners to the CNET UK Podcast will know, it's time for this editor to haul ass to pastures new. But not without highlighting something many have you have highlighted over the last three years: Crave's graphics.

Sometimes, to grab the attention of the tired, passing reader, I have felt it necessary to capture them by means of creating visual 'attention manholes'. These illustrations -- as seen above -- sometimes get mentioned more in the comments sections of stories than the stories themselves.

So I thought as my final journalistic ejaculation for CNET UK, I'd collect together my absolute favourites. Some have cats in, some have dogs in, some have guinea pigs in. None have jellyfish though, because they scare the shih tzu out of me. There are none with shih tzus in either, though. 

Anyhow, enjoy the collection in the pages that follow, and have yourselves a moist and delicious 2010. It's been a blast annoying you these last few years.

This graphic was used to highlight how massive the new Amazon Kindle DX was.
Guinea pigs are awesome. The only thing more awesome, I thought, was a guinea pig thinking it was people. This illustrated a story about Amazon opening high-street stores.
This recent image, featuring a fat bloke in a red suit, was used to illustrate a feature about the best Christmas games last year.
LG made a watch phone. It cost a fortune. I was not impressed.
This Amazon-related image was used for a story about Amazon being homophobic, after hundreds of gay and lesbian-themed books appeared to have been pulled from its search listings.
I was waiting for an excuse to use this photo, and the excuse was an a story about the HTC HD2 hitting the O2 network needing an illustration.
I detest 3D TV. Here's my response.
I also hate netbooks. This was one of many ways I have expressed that hate over the years.
I was accused of being a total spanner in a story about Google, and some of the things people ask its search engine. This was the lead image.


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