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Thoughtful gifts for every kind of mom

Need a Mother’s Day gift? We’ve got you covered.

Lindsey Hunter Lopez
1 of 31 Sugarfina

For the mom who loves sweets

Mother's Day is just around the corner. And while CNET has a wide array of tech-centric gift suggestions for the occasion, we've invited our colleagues at The Guide to widen the list as you search for the perfect gift for your perfect mom. Whether you're looking for a new mother, your kids' mom, or even a grandma, check out our wide selection of quality gifts. Note that CNET may get a share of revenue from the sale of products featured on this page. 

Let's jump straight to it with some affordable candy.

Sugarfina has a seven-day gummy bear "cleanse" with flavors inspired by her favorite Pressed Juicery favorites. 

Looking for more gift ideas?

2 of 31 Personal Wine

For your favorite wine mom

Anyone can buy Mom a bottle of wine, but Personal Wine allows you to add custom packaging. An engraved bottle will run you $20 while a custom label is free.

3 of 31 Nordstrom

For your sentimental and stylish mom

She'll love wearing her baby's (or babies') initials in the form of these sparkling earrings.

4 of 31 Box Fox

For the fit mom

Does your mom value her workout time? Then she'll love this perfectly curated box of goodies. Included are wellness bands, a fitness towel, apple cider vinegar capsules, a glass water bottle and ginger gum.

5 of 31 Ooni

For your mom who loves to cook outdoors

Let's be real: Your outdoor-chef mama probably already has a grill. But this tabletop pizza oven will add an entirely new dimension to her backyard kitchen.

6 of 31 La Jolie Muse via Amazon

Bonus outdoorsy mom gift

This set of three citronella candles will keep the bugs at bay while your mom whips up those homemade wood-fire pizzas.

7 of 31 Villeroy & Boch via Amazon

For the mom who loves lasagna

If your mom's more the indoor cooking type, this lasagna pan will be a welcome addition to her collection. It's also very useful for making brownies.

8 of 31 Victorinox

For the frequent-flying mom

This carry-on suitcase comes in enough colors to match any style: from rose gold and black to lilac and a tropical palm print.

9 of 31 My FL via Amazon

And inside her suitcase...

Don't forget to stock your mom's new carry-on with these useful luggage organizers. 

10 of 31 Tommy Bahama

For the beach mom

This seagrass tote will hold all of your mom's beach needs: sunscreen, an engrossing book, a towel and flip-flops.

11 of 31 Hari Mari

Speaking of flip-flops...

These sandals will make the transition from street to sand totally seamless.

12 of 31 ibi Via Amazon

For the mom who loves to capture the moment

This smart home gadget will help Mom organize all of her photos. The ibi automatically saves all your photos in one place so you can find, organize and share with your favorite people. 

13 of 31 Wayfinder Creative via Etsy

For the well-traveled mom

Get your mom a customized print of her favorite travel destination, the city where she got married or even her hometown. These maps come in loads of colors and styles and can include custom text as well.

14 of 31 Snowe Home

For the mom who loves a lazy Sunday

Does your mom love spending her days off snuggled up with a favorite book and a cup of tea? These super-soft linen sheets can take the experience to the next level.

15 of 31 Everlane

For the mom who stays cozy on the go

What mom wouldn't welcome a soft cashmere sweater into her closet? This one comes in 19 colors.

16 of 31 TruMedic via Amazon

For the mom who works on her feet

If she spends a lot of time on her feet, she'll love this heated, deep-tissue shiatsu foot massager.

17 of 31 Vionics

And for after that foot massage...

These fuzzy, open-toed slippers are designed to reduce foot fatigue on hard, flat floors.

18 of 31 Eberjey via Shopbop

For the mom who is also a nap queen

Comfy pajamas are always a welcome gift, and this lightweight jersey set from Eberjey is no exception.

19 of 31 Rael via Amazon

For the mom with perfect skin

Sheet masks have become synonymous with self-care. These botanical masks from Rael come in four formulas: tea tree, collagen, hydrolock and vitamin C.

20 of 31 Soothe

For the mom who loves a spa day but hates to travel

Soothe is a massage therapy company that comes to wherever your mom wants. They'll do house calls and even office calls. Soothe also offers prenatal massages for the soon-to-be mom.

21 of 31 Gjenmi Jewelry

If your mom loves dainty jewelry...

This pretty sparkler from Gjenmi Jewelry features a white diamond next to an Australian opal with 14-karat gold band.

22 of 31 Amazon

For the mom who keeps her loved ones close to the heart

This locket has two oval photo windows, so Mom can look at familiar faces any time of day.

23 of 31 Nordstrom

For the mom who loves a classic pearl

These little pearl-adorned gold hoops are sure to be in regular rotation. 

24 of 31 Amazon

For the brand-new mom

Celebrate the newest mom in your life with these birthstone earrings. Buy these studs in her baby's birthstone to commemorate the month she became a mother.

25 of 31 Boxy Girl via Amazon

For the super-organized mom

This lucite box can be used to organize just about any small objects. Makeup and office and craft supplies will all fit into this organizer's compartments.

26 of 31 Lucky Darling via Amazon

For the crafty new mom

This adorable scrapbook will help the new mom in your life keep record of her baby's first year.

27 of 31 Honey Good via Amazon

For the brand-new grandma

Stories for My Grandchild is a journal for new grandmothers to write down their family histories. The book includes writing prompts that will help your favorite new grandma come up with ideas for stories to include.

28 of 31 Amazon

For the mom who doesn't get to the beach enough

If your mom loves the ocean but doesn't get a chance to visit quite as much as she'd like, you can bring the water to her. This hand-poured, 10 oz. candle from Tocca smells like the sea.

29 of 31 Bloomsy Box

For the flower mama

Bloomsy Box is a subscription service that lets you ship fresh flowers to mom's door weekly or monthly.

30 of 31 Honest

For the healthy mom

Repay your mom for all those years she made sure you took your vitamins when you gift her this vitamin C serum from Honest Beauty.

31 of 31 Quip

For the mom with the perfect smile

Quip is a super-convenient dental hygiene subscription service that will ship Mom scheduled deliveries of toothpaste and toothbrush head replacements. That means Mom can maintain her pearly whites without having to think about going to the store.

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