This is the $26.5 million Star Wars-themed mansion you're looking for

If you have a little cash to spare, you too can live inside the ultimate Star Wars museum.

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The $26.5 million shrine to Star Wars

The ultimate shrine to Star Wars may not be at Disneyland or anywhere else in the galaxy. It's this absolutely gorgeous property in Hidden Hills, Calif., which went on sale in 2020 with an eye-watering asking price of $26.5 million. 

Listed by The Agency, the imperious abode is an 18,183-square-foot home loaded with incredible collectibles, life-size props and a Star Wars-themed home theater.

With May the 4th almost upon us, feel the Force and come with us on a tour of this amazing Southern California property.

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Welcome to the ultimate private Star Wars fan experience

The entire 5,000-square-foot basement of the home is Star Wars themed, and it's honestly far more awesome than you can even imagine. Here's the landing, complete with a Star Cade machine and foosball table.

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This is like living in your own Star Wars museum

According to Arvin Haddad, star of the new CNBC show Listing Impossible and one of the agents for the property, many homes in Hidden Hills go overboard with unique basements. 

"Having a tricked-out basement is a must in the ultra luxury, celebrity-studded town of Hidden Hills," he said. "Homeowners here love to highlight their personal lives and passions. And this seller is beyond passionate about Star Wars."

While the seller is willing to negotiate the inclusion of the Star Wars collection in the sale of the home, Haddad says the eventual billionaire buyer (perhaps a pro sports player or movie star?) will have the option of remaking the basement into whatever he or she is passionate about instead.

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Care for a glass of blue milk?

Before you ask, no, these cantina patrons aren't movie props. The owner found the actual movie props to be too low in quality, so he hired the artists to remake everything in higher quality.

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A shrine to the lowly Stormtrooper

Here's a great focal point: this pillar, with five rows worth of Stormtrooper helmets. Yes, that's totally a 74-Z speeder bike.

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Protecting a wall of treasures

Clone Commander Gree (left), Yoda and a cold assault Stormtrooper guard a wall of highly collectible Star Wars toys.

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Relaxing under the bounty hunters' watchful eyes

Here, bounty hunters IG-88, Bossk and 4-LOM overlook a comfy seating area, where you'd sit when you wanted to...

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Check out this epic gaming setup

...play on this incredible dual-television gaming setup. Note the pair of PSVR headsets for the PS4, along with a pair of Microsoft Kinect sensors for the Xbox One. And yup, you can totally see Han Solo frozen in carbonite through the double doors.

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But that's not all...

But this area is only for gaming: There's a separate, Star Wars-themed home theater waiting just down the hall to the right. But first, you'll need to pass by Darth Talon, Darth Maul and a room filled with even more drool-worthy Star Wars collectibles.

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Let's walk toward Vader

Here's a closer-up shot so you can better see the gonk droid, the B1 battle droid and the lifesize replica of Darth Vader peeking out from the next room.

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The Force is strong with this mint-in-box room

This is how classic Star Wars action figures were meant to be displayed -- in their own room.

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Would you like a movie and a snack?

Continuing ahead, we get our first look at the mansion's home theater. Note the droids you're looking for on the left, and the neat little concession area to the right. Mmm, Skittles.

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The most epic Star Wars theater we've ever seen

Think you have an impressive home theater setup at home? Nope. Not when compared with this Star Wars-themed setup, you don't.

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Home theater, or spaceship?

Seriously, you can't even get a Star Wars experience at Disneyland this luxe, comfortable or private. The lighting is absolutely perfect. And four of the seats are on hydraulic lifts that move with the movie action, delivering a multisensory experience.

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It's like if the Death Star had its own movie theater

It's OK to relax and lounge in the front row: Chewie and Boba Fett will keep an eye on the entrance in case the Empire tries to interrupt your next viewing of Return of the Jedi on the theater's 19-foot screen.

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Here's an homage to Tatooine

Watch out for Jawas while visiting Tatooine. They'll strip your ship for parts, steal your droids and then sell them back to you at a markup.

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There's even a touch of Star Wars in the john

Here's one of the home's 11 bathrooms. Note the Star Wars art.

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When you're this rich, you can dedicate an entire room to guitars

In addition to a love of Star Wars, the owner of this home clearly has a love for music.

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Here's a look inside the home's observatory

If you want to witness a real star war, the home comes with its own free-standing observatory building.

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Care for a glass of wine before we continue the tour?

There's also a wine room. Because why wouldn't there be?

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Oh, and did we mention the insane indoor pool?

How's this for a mind-blowing feature: The mansion also has a pool that snakes inside the home.

Even more mind-blowing: The pool doubles as a water reservoir in case of emergency. The home is designed to be resistant to an EMP attack, in fact, and is self-sufficient off the grid for up to a year.

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The perfect place to enjoy the SoCal sun...

The outdoor part of the pool area has a total resort feel, complete with two waterfalls and a water slide.

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...and SoCal evenings

The pool looks especially stunning at night.

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Its home gym is nicer than most commercial gyms

Next to the indoor pool, you'll find a dedicated home gym that's loaded with everything you'll need to become just as jacked as Darth Bane.

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It even has its own tennis court too

Or if you'd rather get your exercise outside, head on over to your private tennis court and lob a couple of balls.

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Making a great first impression

The main entrance to the home has a dramatic staircase, along with a wall of minerals on display.

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You can warm up by the fire

This mansion truly is an indoor-outdoor home. Can you imagine walking back inside this room on a cold SoCal winter day (just under 60 degrees, brr!), sitting down at your piano and tinkling the melody to the Imperial March by a roaring fire, presumably started by one of your many butlers?

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Take another look around the room

Here's the view of the fireplace from another angle, so you can appreciate the scope of the room. We're into the colorful art, too.

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...how about ANOTHER glass of wine?

You'll find a second bar area just off the room with the fireplace. Parties at this place must be insane.

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The kitchen is epic too

The kitchen in this home includes limestone countertops, SubZero and Wolf appliances and two built-in islands.

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Meanwhile, to your right...

To the right of the main entrance, you'll find...

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Check out the dining room

...a really nice dining area.

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A quiet home in the celebrity-studded hills

Here's an overhead look at the backyard of the 2.95-acre property. We don't know who your immediate neighbor would be in this gated community, but the town of Hidden Hills is home to loads of high-profile celebrities, including Drake.

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Here's how to learn even more about this unique home

Want to learn even more about this house? Check out its listing here, or contact Arvin Haddad, Emil Hartoonian and Mauricio Umansky of The Agency.

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