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Walmart Great Value 10W LED Light Bulb (60W Replacement)

Walmart's "Great Value" line of LED light bulbs are bargain-priced efficiency upgrades over classic incandescents. Are they any good? Click through for a closer look.

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Bulb specs

The dimmable version of Walmart's 60W replacement is a 10W bulb that puts out well over 800 lumens, making it a solid choice for efficiency hounds.

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Soft white glow

The soft white version shines at a yellowy color temperature of 2,700K.

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Daylight, too

There's also a daylight version of the bulb that puts out a whiter tone of light at about 5,000K.

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Similar packaging

The packaging for the soft white and daylight versions of the bulb are easy to mix up -- the same goes for the dimmable and non-dimmable versions. Make sure to double-check that you're buying the right one before making a purchase.

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The bulbs are dimmable, but they don't dim down much lower than 20 percent. They also flicker at low settings on certain types of dimmer switches.

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Price point

The dimmable 60W replacement version of Walmart's LED costs just under $5, making it a no-brainer upgrade over incandescents. But it isn't such a slam dunk compared with other low-cost LEDs -- read the full review for the full story.

Published:Caption:Photo:Tyler Lizenby/CNET
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