LAS VEGAS--ThinkEco's modlet is a plug equipped with a Zibgee radio that can communicate with a PC through a USB key. The system can track how much energy electronics use with the modlet and let people schedule things to turn off at set times. It lets people cut down on wasted power when things are left on but aren't being used or by eliminating stand-by and vampire power. A consumer product, priced at $50, is due this spring.

Photo by: Martin LaMonica/CNET

Energy dashboard

A look at the software application that works with the modlets. This is the energy usage at an office, where you can see the power drops to zero at certain times every day, eliminating stand-by power.
Photo by: Martin LaMonica/CNET

iPhone app

ThinkEco is preparing an iPhone application, due this spring, for scheduling when to turn things off and to monitor electricity. The company is also preparing a power strip, which will be available this summer.
Photo by: Martin LaMonica/CNET


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