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Noon Smart Lighting System

The Noon Smart Lighting system features a $400 starter kit that includes one room director switch (far right) and two extension switches. 

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Room director switches

Each room must include a room director switch. Room director switches cost $200 individually or come as part of the $400 starter kit. The room director communicates to the extension switches and acts as the touchscreen control center. 

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Noon's switches clip into the wall plate once wiring is complete. Installation instructions are easy to follow and if you're comfortable with a little bit of wiring, the system is pretty straightforward. Always be sure to turn off the circuit breaker for the room in which you are working. 

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Night light feature

The Noon Smart Lighting System includes a night light feature. When the room director detects motion during your specified time of day, dim lighting will illuminate the space. 

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The Noon app allows customized scenes for a variety of scenarios. Options like TV, Entertaining, Office and Relax come standard. An "Other" option allows each user to add their own custom scene. Toggle through scenes on the app or at the room director switch. 

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Pairing light bulbs in the Noon app

The Noon app pulses your existing light bulbs to identify them within the app. Once you've indicated the type and number of bulbs, Noon will group them into a room. 

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Rooms in the app

The apps home screen displays each room where a room director switch is installed. 

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Physical controls at the light switch

The Noon Smart Lighting System includes physical controls for manual dimming or brightening. Extension switches feature two small bars to raise or lower brightness. All switches can turn lights on or off completely by pressing the bottom of the switch. 

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Recognizing bulbs

The Noon Smart Lighting System uses algorithms to detect bulbs based on how much power is delivered. Noon is compatible with most bulb types including incandescents, CFLs, LEDs and fluorescents. 

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Bulb discovery

When all bulbs have been discovered, the Noon app will display each bulb type that was found. From here, the app guides you through grouping bulbs into rooms and adjusting brightness levels. 

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