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Headless robo-cat pillow

Every year, April Fools' Day throws down a minefield of made-up products, but you don't have to resort to pranks to find some truly bizarre items that are totally real. 

Let me just throw out an idea here: It's a pillow, but it's also a cat. And it has no head or legs. But the tail wags. Sounds like a recipe for weirdness, right? It is. The Qoobo from Yukai Engineering is a plush, cuddly headless cat pillow that doesn't have to fed, entertained or taken to the vet. Despite the description, it's surprisingly charming.

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Boring Company flamethrower

It can be hard to tell when Elon Musk is joking, but the SpaceX and Tesla entrepreneur delivered with the release of Boring Company flamethrowers. The flamethrowers are a reference to the sci-fi parody movie "Spaceballs" and quickly sold out when they went up for preorder in early 2018.

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Poop Emoji Plunger

It's a poop emoji. It's a plunger. It's a Poop Emoji Plunger. This plunger started off as a Kickstarter project, but got snapped up by the Squatty Potty folks. It may be the world's happiest plunger, but you might want to hide it away so it doesn't stare at you while you do your business.

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Flying taxis

Here's an interesting smorgasbord. Combine Google co-founder Larry Page and a fleet of autonomous flying taxis and drop them all in New Zealand. In March 2018, Page's secretive Kitty Hawk company announced its intention to deploy electric flying taxis in New Zealand within just a few years. 

This all sounds a bit sci-fi, but Kitty Hawk is serious about getting off the ground. 

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Ostrich Pillow

Hiding away from the world is as simple and weird as stuffing your head and hands into the Ostrich Pillow. It's a puffy creation that seems totally bizarre, but was actually the subject of a very popular Kickstarter project. The original Ostrich Pillow even spawned a smaller sibling, the Ostrich Pillow Light.

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Pizza-ordering shoes

Normally, you wouldn't want your feet to have anything to do with your pizza. Pizza Hut's very odd but very real Pie Top II pizza-ordering shoes might make you change your mind. 

The pizza giant originally created the shoes as a marketing stunt and then delivered an updated design for 2018 that also lets you pause your TV. 

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Cat battle armor

Unleash the wild side of your domesticated house cat with this 3D-printable suit of feline battle armor from Print That Thing. The spikey armor is sure to strike terror into the hearts of the local mice. You just need to download the design and print it off yourself. And then try to convince your cat to cosplay as The Hound from "Game of Thrones."

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Smartphone nose hair trimmer

You always have your smartphone on you, now consider adding a smartphone-attached nose hair trimmer to your gadget arsenal. This oddball personal grooming device comes from Japanese retailer Thanko. It works with both Android and Apple phones, so your gadget allegiance won't stop you from taming your nostril fur.

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Tauntaun sleeping bag

Sometimes an April Fools' joke product is so compelling, it needs to be made in real life. That's what happened with nerdy retailer ThinkGeek's Star Wars Tauntaun sleeping bag. It was part of the company's annual lineup of fake April Fools' products, but customer demand spurred it to become a real offering.

Now Star Wars fans can pretend to be Luke Skywalker and cuddle up with the plush innards of their very own Tauntaun.

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Hushme is a Bluetooth headset with a twist. It also has a muzzle-like device that fits around your mouth to muffle your conversations. It's like a super-portable version of the Cone of Silence from "Get Smart." Hushme has been a crowdfunding hit that could find a home in open offices where it would be nice to keep all the noise down.

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Brainy beer

Smart beer drinkers choose brainy beer. This zombie-inspired, limited-edition brew called Walker came from Dock Street Brewing in 2014. And, yes, it was made with real brains. At least the brains weren't human. They came from goats. Cheers!

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Amazon Dash Buttons

Amazon revealed its quick-ordering Dash buttons right near April Fools' Day in 2015, which left some people wondering if the little gadgets were a joke. The Dash buttons have persisted and are now available for everything from crackers to toilet paper.

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Sliced ketchup

At its worst, ketchup is messy and watery. So food startup Bo's Fine Foods developed a fruit-leather-like version of the condiment called Slice of Sauce. No mess. No fuss. Just a flexible slab of ketchup. The 2018 Kickstarter project handily surpassed its funding goal, with slices expected to ship to backers later in the year.

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Internet by balloon

Google famously unleashed an April Fools' prank in 2007 that promised internet through your toilet. So you can forgive people for wondering about Google's parent company Alphabet and its plan to deliver internet by balloon through Project Loon.

But Project Loon is very real. It's designed to connect remote areas to the internet with Wi-Fi from balloons. It deployed the system late in 2017 in Puerto Rico after a hurricane severely damaged infrastructure on the island.

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Radiation-shield underwear

Men worried about how their phones might impact their sperm count can take comfort in these silver-lined underwear briefs from Spartan. Spartan says its undies can block 99 percent of cellphone and Wi-Fi radiation with pure silver fibers woven into the cotton fabric. Even better, it refers to them as a Faraday Cage for private parts.

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OnePlus mini-drone

This adorable mini-drone was originally destined to be an April Fools' joke from smartphone maker OnePlus in 2015. OnePlus promoted the itsy-bitsy DR-1 with some floriferous marketing copy, but then it actually sold a limited number of the flying gadgets, bringing them from prank to reality.

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Airbags for your hips

Admittedly, the Helite Hip'Air safety device looks pretty strange when it's inflated. The wearable is designed to deploy when a person falls, with the airbags meant to protect the person's hip bones. The Hip'Air is geared for people in nursing homes, since they're typically of an age when a fall can be devastating. 

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Vacuum shoes

Vacuuming can be a bore of a chore, but just walking around sounds OK. Japanese auto company Denso took that idea for a stroll at CES 2017 with its vacuum shoes. Called the Ecology Shoe, this snazzy-looking pair of kicks contains a vacuum motor in the sole that sucks up debris. The shoes won't hold enough to clean your house, but they look more appealing than dragging out that beast of a vacuum cleaner you keep in the closet.

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Tortilla toaster

You have some tortillas. They're room temperature, which is a tragedy. So you pop them into your Nuni Tortilla Toaster. Ah, warm tortillas. The Nuni Tortilla Toaster does exactly what it promises ... toasts up to six tortillas at a time. It will appeal to people who love single-purpose kitchen gadgets, and people who live for hot tortillas. Others might want to stick with using a pan on the stove top. 

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Automatic clothes folder

You have to really hate folding your laundry to invest in a machine that does it for you. The FoldiMate promises an almost Jetsons-like future where you just feed your clothes into the large gadget and it folds them up all nice and neat for you to put away. The company hopes to start shipping the product in late 2019, so you will just have to fold your own clothes like an animal until then.

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Fried-chicken keyboard

Chicken chain KFC went all in on peripheral weirdness with the creation of a fried-chicken keyboard for a promotion in Japan in 2014. All the keys are covered in little renditions of fried-chicken pieces and there's even a little Colonel Sanders standing in the corner. The keyboards weren't mass-produced, but a lucky Twitter winner became the owner of the bizarre input device. KFC Japan also created a mouse in the shape of a drumstick. 

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Bluetooth headsets aren't for everybody. But what do you do if you still need to talk on your phone and keep your hands free? You could strap a Cell-Mate over your head. This goofy accessory is worn like a headband, but holds your phone up against your ear. You have to really not care what other people think of you if you plan to use this in public. The Cell-Mate popped up on the show floor at CTIA in 2010. 

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