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The Top 10 Web IPOs of all time (pre-Facebook, that is)

It wasn't long ago that the investment community was unsure if there would ever be a resurgence in IPOs. Just a few years ago, companies that, back in the late 1990s, would have jumped at going public, were balking at the idea, deciding instead to focus their efforts on growing and eventually being bought out. It was believed by some that another great Web IPO might not come along for many years.

But now, Facebook is set to change that. And by doing so, it will surpass some of the most prominent companies to ever bring services to the online world.

In the following slides, we're going to take a look at the largest Web IPOs in history, courtesy of a list compiled by Renaissance Capital, an investment-research firm that specializes in IPOs.

As one might expect, some of the latest big IPOs are included in the list, including those from Google and Zynga, but other, prominent companies you might expect to see won't be there. Renaissance's list is arranged by the biggest deal size in history, giving some additional sway to more recent IPOs that garnered huge cash in their opening.

So, without further adieu, flip your way through the slides to find out which Web companies posted the largest IPOs in history.

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Business: Google is the world's largest search company.

IPO date: August 18, 2004

Cash raised: $1.67 billion

Stock performance: Since its IPO, Google's shares are up 481 percent.

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Business: Yandex is the largest search engine in Russia.

IPO date: May 23, 2011

Cash raised: $1.3 billion

Stock performance: Since its IPO, Yandex shares are down 43 percent.

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Infonet Services

Business: Infonet Services provided managed data communications services to well over 1,000 companies worldwide.

IPO date: December 15, 1999

Cash raised: $1.08 billion

Stock performance: Infonet Services is no longer in operation as a standalone company.
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Shanda Games Limited

Business: Shanda Games is a China-based online-game developer.

IPO date: September 24, 2009

Cash raised: $1.04 billion

Stock performance: Shanda shares are down a whopping 58 percent since its IPO.

Updated:Caption:Photo:Shanda Games
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Business: Zynga develops a host of popular social online games, including FarmVille and CityVille.

IPO date: December 15, 2011

Cash raised: $1 billion

Stock performance: Zynga shares are down 13 percent since its IPO.

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Giant Interactive Group

Business: Giant Interactive is a China-based online-game developer.

IPO date: October 31, 2007

Cash raised: $887 million

Stock performance: Since its IPO, Giant Interactive's stock has lost 73 percent of its value.

Updated:Caption:Photo:Giant Interactive
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Business: Renren is often called the "Facebook of China," providing a social network to users in that country.

IPO date: May 3, 2011

Cash raised: $743 million

Stock performance: Renren's shares are down nearly 63 percent since its IPO.

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Business: Groupon provides daily deals to customers across the United States.

IPO date: November 3, 2011

Cash raised: $700 million

Stock performance: Groupon has watched its stock lose 50 percent of its value since it went public.

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Orbitz Worldwide

Business: Orbitz Worldwide delivers online-travel searching and booking services.

IPO date: July 19, 2007

Cash raised: $510 million

Stock performance: Orbitz's shares have dropped 74 percent since the company held its IPO.

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Business: allowed visitors to buy books online, in competition with Amazon.

IPO date: May 24, 1999

Cash raised: $450 million

Stock performance: is no longer a standalone company listed on the stock market.

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