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The tech side of Toy Fair 2013 (pictures)

Technology adds a new twist to playtime with these toys at the 2013 American International Toy Fair in New York.

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BattroBorg players use Wii-like controllers to throw punches and wirelessly control the arms of tiny boxing robots. Made by Tomy, these robots will deactivate after five hits to the head. The controllers also serve as a recharger for the fighters. The starter set for $80 will be out in the fall and includes two robots, two controllers and a fighting arena. Additional BattroBorg fighters will be sold seperatly, and up to 20 robots can fight at once.
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If you combine the worlds of Nerf and Halo, you would get something like the Tek Recon. Made by Tech 4 Kids, this new line of blasters shoot soft rubber rings, but attaching a smartphone enhances the gameplay. The app shows the location of other players with GPS radar, and it works with iPhone 4, 4S, 5 and iPod Touch devices, as well as select Android devices. Two sizes of the Tek Recon blaster come out this fall for $20 and $35, and there will also be a battle pack for $40 (includes four blasters and two digital flags).
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Mattel's Hot Wheels Triple Track Twister playset comes with a stand for an iPad. A free Action Capture app uses augmented reality to make a scene appear around the racetrack. During the demo at Toy Fair, the app showed an animated shark chomping on cars that flew across the track. The set comes out in July for $45.
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Ubooly is a stuffed creature that comes to life when iPhone or iPod Touch is inserted. Using the Ubooly app, it listens and responds to kids by using voice recognition. It tells stories and jokes, and the software is continuously updated. When there's no device inside, the Ubooly is simply a stuffed animal with a sleeping face. Retailing at $30, Ubooly is available now at Toys"R"US, Walmart and Amazon.
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Because you can't just walk into a store and buy plutonium, the Mr. Fusion Home Energy Reactor is the more practical way to power a DeLorean time machine. Back to the Future fans will find this replica on sale later in the year from Diamond Select Toys. The model pictured here is an early prototype of the collectable.
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In the upcoming Disney Infinity video game, players use collectible figurines to awaken playable characters in the game. These figurines are among more than 20 that will be available when the game launches in June. Similar to Skylanders, a toy must be placed on a sensor pad to be played in the game. Disney Infitinty will also have players collecting Power Discs for added abilities and features. The starter pack will include Sully, Jack Sparrow, and Mr. Incredible.
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Activision's next installment of the Skylanders series will feature characters with swappable tops and bottoms, as shown here. Players can collect up to 16 figurines to create 256 playable character combinations. Skylanders Swap Force hits stores this fall.
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Want a iPhone case with character? Huckleberry's 3D Chara-Covers feature heroes and villains from the Marvel and DC universe.
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The Barbie Digital Makeover Mirror is a vanity frame that transforms an iPad into an interactive mirror. Similar to a web cam effect, this augmented reality app uses an iPad's video camera to help you apply virtual eye shadow, lipstick, glitter and accessories. Facial-tracking technology keeps the digital makeup in place on the screen as you move. And be sure to save your new glamorous look in the digital scrapbook. This will be available August for $70.
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The Barbie Digital Dress Doll lights up the runway with her customizable dress, made of a touch panel with 114 tri-color LEDs. Using a stylus, kids can design different animated light patterns. She comes with pre-programmed graphics, and her dress also has a party mode that will animate in response to sounds. This Barbie shines in stores this August for $50.

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