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The rarin'-to-go DuraPro

Hello? Yes, this is Robot.

Comfortable, spacious number pad

A decent 3.2MP shooter

No Direct Connect for this one

The back plate on lockdown

Identical to Sprint's Kyocera DuraXT (save for the Direct Connect feature), the DuraPro from U.S. Cellular is a rugged feature handset designed to be shock-, dust-, and waterproof.

Caption by / Photo by Josh Miller/CNET

Given its purpose, the DuraPro is naturally no small-fry item. Encased in rubber with a thick plastic speaker grill surrounding the external display, it stands 4 inches tall, 2.1 inches wide, and 1.1 inches thick.

Caption by / Photo by Josh Miller/CNET

Below the display is your standard set of alphanumeric keys, which are graciously sized with ample space between each key. Though you can feel a slight bump in each key, they look flat and lie flush with the phone's surface. However, they're still easy to press and typing is a breeze.

Caption by / Photo by Josh Miller/CNET

The rear of the device hosts the 3.2-megapixel camera with flash. Some camera options include a 12x digital zoom, five picture modes (normal, beach/snow, scenery, mirror image, and night/dark), three meters for brightness, sharpness, and contrast, and five white-balance options.

Caption by / Photo by Josh Miller/CNET

On the bottom left side is a Micro-USB port that's covered by a thick plastic door. Above that is a volume rocker and a pimpled yellow button that was originally for Sprint Direct Connect. However, because U.S. Cellular doesn't support push-to-talk, the key can be programmed to launch other applications like a calendar, Bluetooth, alarm, and Web browser.

Caption by / Photo by Josh Miller/CNET

A toggle switch at the bottom lets you unlock the back plate and remove it. There you'll find the battery and the microSD card slot underneath that's expandable up to 32GB.

Caption by / Photo by Josh Miller/CNET
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