The strangest Black Friday deals of all time

From brainwave-controlled cat ears to a USS Enterprise sushi set, these weird Amazon Black Friday sales are way better than a discount TV.

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Nic Cage pillow
1 of 36 Society 6

These are the weirdest (and coolest) Black Friday deals of all time

On Black Friday, big box stores open early to sell massive amounts of TVs, toys and more, all at huge discounts. Some stores, meanwhile, including Amazon, put far weirder items on sale for Black Friday.

Disclaimer: CNET may get a share of revenue from the sale of the products featured in this gallery.

Case in point: Like Nic Cage himself, this throw pillow ($29.99) is the gift that keeps on giving. Society 6 offered a 25 percent discount on it for Black Friday in 2017.

Mario Bros. flask
2 of 36 Nintendo/Amazon

This Super Mario Bros. cartridge that'll get you drunk AF

Classic 1985 video game cart? It may look like one, but this Think Geek Black Friday 2017 deal ($11.99 then) is really an officially licensed 4.25oz flask.

You can find the flask on Amazon for $17.99.

3 of 36 Verdster via Amazon

This skull stein and goblet set

This creepy four-piece drinkware set includes two skull mugs and two skull goblets. The set regularly sells for $73.95, but Amazon offered it at $39.95 as a 2018 pre-Black Friday deal.

4 of 36 Foryee via Amazon

This frog urinal "game"

Laugh if you want at this 2018 Amazon pre-Black Friday deal. But this potty training (normally $8.99) is rated four stars.

5 of 36 The Noble Collection via Amazon

Dumbledore's wand

This really cool resin wand prop from Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald measures 15.5 inches. It was one of Amazon's early Black Friday deals in 2018.

Boyfriend Pillow
6 of 36 Boyfriend Pillow

This half-torso that doubles as a body pillow

Who needs a human when you can have this oddly shaped pillow hug you instead? One of Overstock's Black Friday deals from 2010, the Boyfriend Pillow ($38.67) is still available through Amazon.

7 of 36 Trolls/Amazon

This Troll headpiece for your doggo

One of Petco's Black Friday 2017 deals, you can still pick one up for the same discount price of $4.99 on Amazon.

8 of 36 littleBits

This kit that lets you build your own R2-D2

One of the coolest and smartest gifts on this list, the app-controlled littleBits Star Wars Droid Inventor Kit teaches kids coding. Amazon offered it for $79.99 last year on Black Friday, but you can pick one up today for just $58.36.

9 of 36 Barerun via Amazon

These pineapple-print water shoes

Offered as one of Amazon's pre-Black Friday deals in 2018, these slip-on polyester/spandex water shoes ($7.99 - $13.59) are great for the beach. You know, when the weather gets warm again.

10 of 36 Urban Outfitters/Kikkerland

These discounted dog butts

Urban Outfitters offered dog butt magnets for $9 on Black Friday 2017. If you're kicking yourself for missing out, you can still pick them up for $12.99 on Amazon.

11 of 36 Comic Images

This furry wampa rug for Star Wars fans

One of Think Geek's Black Friday 2014 deals, this 30-by-60-inch throw rug will look just as good by your living room fireplace as it would in a lodge on Hoth.

The rug is no longer available through Think Geek, but we did spot it for $139.99 on Amazon.

12 of 36 Vintar/Amazon

Multicolor toilet nightlights

Amazon offered motion-activated toilet night lights from Vintar as a cyber Monday deal in 2017. You can still find them for $10.99 on Amazon.

13 of 36 Cha Kar Pak/Shutterstock

Free reindeer poop

Though not technically offered during Black Friday, this 2013 holiday deal is just too bizarre not to mention. Daily deals site tanga.com offered a free pile of reindeer poop (with a 30-day warranty) on a first come, first served basis.

14 of 36 Kurt Adler/Amazon

A Yoda nutcracker to call your very own

Unopened nuts, you have? Then this 9-inch Yoda nutcracker ($38.30), you need. One of Amazon's Black Friday 2017 deals, it was.

15 of 36 Think Geek

This build-your-own twerking robot kit

Offered at a discount by Think Geek for Black Friday 2017, this 212-piece robot kit really does twerk when you insert two AAA batteries. It's no longer on discount, but you can still pick one up at Think Geek for $24.99.

16 of 36 3Doodler

This pen that writes in three dimensions

The 3Doodler 3D Pen comes with thin strands of plastic filament that can be extruded into three-dimensional shapes.

You can buy a Star Trek-branded version with 75 plastic strands today for as little as $23.28 on Amazon -- less than a third of the price it was offered at during Black Friday 2016!

17 of 36 Think Geek

This USS Enterprise sushi set that boldly goes on your dinner table

This Star Trek sushi set ($24.99) was one of Think Geek's Black Friday deals in 2017.

18 of 36 Think Geek

This trophy for only the best wizards

This Triwizard Cup collectible ($49.99), similar to the one in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, doubles as a lamp. It was one of Think Geek's 2017 Black Friday deals.

19 of 36 Think Geek

This hoodie that turns you into a unicorn

The strings and zipper of this horned hoodie ($39.99) are all rainbows — how cool is that? This zip-up was one of Think Geek's Black Friday 2017 deals.

20 of 36 Motortion Films/Shutterstock/Sports Research

This workout gel that causes you to sweat like mad

This scented workout-enhancing gel, offered for $22 during Amazon's Black Friday 2017 sale, is designed to cause you to sweat more during exercise. It's currently available for $26.55.

21 of 36 CTA Digital

This potty trainer that holds an iPad

One of Amazon's Black Friday 2014 deals, the iPotty ($39.99) is a toilet-training seat that holds an iPad.

22 of 36 Gemmy/Amazon

This inflatable ballerina outfit

This weird one-size-fits-all ballerina costume ($31.12) includes a fan and tiara, but not the four AA batteries you'll need to keep it all inflated. It was an Amazon Black Friday deal in 2017.

23 of 36 Think Geek

This hoodie for digital wizards only

Want to embrace your inner wizard? This LED-lined hoodie, a Think Geek Black Friday 2017 offering, casts simulated spells, complete with sounds... but only if you make the correct hand motions.

It's still available on Think Geek, now for $79.99.

24 of 36 Think Geek

A can of "unicorn meat"

Offered at a discount during Amazon's Black Friday 2017 sale, this can of Unicorn Meat ($12.65) has some pretty funny user reviews.

25 of 36 Pneumatic Plus/Amazon

These discounted respiratory masks

We're not exactly sure why Amazon decided to put these 95 percent filtration efficiency respirator masks on sale as a pre-Black Friday 2018 deal...

26 of 36 Think Geek

This super rad(ioactive) glow-in-the-dark watch

This incredibly cool Fallout watch was one of Think Geek's Black Friday 2017 deals. It's still available for purchase, but it'll now cost you $39.99 (instead of the $19.99 price it was back then).

27 of 36 Giancomics/Amazon

This beanie that brings you closer to Dreaded Old God Cthulhu

So, Amazon is calling this 2017 Black Friday deal a "octopus beanie." But come on. We all know this is a Cthulhu beanie ($8.99).

28 of 36 Dtown/Amazon

These boxing gloves for toddlers

These padded boxing gloves, designed for children ages 3 to 7, were one of Amazon's early Black Friday 2018 deals.

29 of 36 Think Geek

This door chime that turns your home into the USS Enterprise

This officially licensed Star Trek door chime is no longer in stock on Think Geek, the site that offered them for $17.99 on Black Friday 2017. But you can still find them for $27.99 on Amazon.

30 of 36 Think Geek

These Star Wars cookie cutters

Some people make gingerbread men for the holidays. But with this set of six Star Wars cookie cutters, offered by Think Geek for $12.99 during Black Friday 2017, you can make gingerbread Vaders, Fetts, Yodas and more.

They're currently available on Think Geek for just $9.99, proving that it sometimes pays to miss out on a Black Friday deal.

31 of 36 Necomimi/Amazon/Think Geek

A set of brainwave-controlled cat ears

These cat ears, built with "research-grade technology" and powered by your emotions, were one of Think Geek's Black Friday 2013 deals. They're no longer available for sale at Think Geek, but you can still find them on Amazon for $93.96.

32 of 36 Kala

This ukulele starter kit, because you need to start somewhere, right?

If you've ever wanted to learn how to play the ukulele, this highly rated kit from Kala is a great way to do it. Best of all, it's still available at the Black Friday 2016 price of $59.99.

33 of 36 Think Geek

This magical portal to an infinitely long dungeon corridor

Made from what Think Geek calls "dungeon-grade plastic," this light-up mirror illusion was offered at a $10 discount on Black Friday 2017. You can still pick one up from Think Geek for $24.99.

34 of 36 West Elm

The cell phone that's so old school it's made from marble

This hand-cut retro brick phone and camera, though no longer available for sale, was a Black Friday 2017 deal offered by West Elm.

35 of 36 Jonathan Adler

This luxury candle that smells like... vodka?

Vodka is pretty odorless, so we're not sure exactly what this thing -- one of Amazon's Black Friday 2017 deals -- smells like. But if you'd like to find out for yourself, you can pick up this Jonathan Adler candle for $42.00 on Amazon.

36 of 36 Think Geek

The most insulting potato kit you'll ever own

Our favorite Black Friday 2012 deal is this "simulated science kit" from Think Geek. Hook the PotatOS unit to any potato using the included pins and it'll start flinging insults at you. 

Sadly, it's no longer available for sale.

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