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Homer and the Simpsons go mobile

The whole Simpsons clan is along for the ride

Rebuild Springfield

Getting the authentic Simpsons experience

Play as multiple Simpsons characters

EA has high hopes for the Simpsons

The Simpsons are going mobile in a big way with Tapped Out, a freemium iOS game from EA. The game starts with Homer accidentally creating a nuclear explosion that wipes out Springfield. It's up to the player to rebuild the city.
Caption by / Photo by Electronic Arts
As players progress through the game, they unlock characters. Lisa is unlocked initially, and helps Homer clean up the city. The other members also get their time in the spotlight.
Caption by / Photo by Electronic Arts
A screenshot from the upcoming game. Players can rebuild Springfield in their vision, including adding well-known landmarks like the Duff brewery.
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EA promises that players will get the trademark humor and feel of the Simpsons, including tapping the voice actors and writers from the show.
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The game allows you to play as different characters with their own quests.
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EA is making a big move toward freemium games, and The Simpsons: Tapped Out marks the latest major endeavor by the video game publisher.
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