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There's a difference

The Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 and the Kindle Fire mark a breed of tablet that is low-priced and primarily used for media consumption. With expandable memory and a full Android OS, does the Tab 2 7.0 make a better Kindle Fire than the Kindle Fire?

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Books and fonts

On the left is the Tab 2 7.0 running the Android Kindle book app, and on the right is the Kindle Fire. The Fire's version of the Kindle app has more options and, thanks to the device's better-calibrated screen (not really apparent in this pic), looks better overall.

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Video selection

Amazon's complete video library is available for rent, stream, or download only on the Kindle Fire. As an alternative, Google Play on the Tab 2 7.0 offers plenty of movies to rent and the 99-cent Flash Video Player app allows you to access Amazon's streaming library.

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Well, it works...

The Kindle Fire (top) can play Amazon video in full screen, just not in HD. Using the 99-cent Flash Video Player app, Prime video can be streamed onto the tab 2 7.0, but I couldn't figure out how to get rid of that annoying address bar.

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That's a bingo

Amazon gets it right with the Cloud player. It's virtually identical to the Fire version and with expandable memory, the Tab 2 7.0 can theoretically download much more music.

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