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It only looks like a megazoom

The fast zoom lens and large sensor necessitate the megazoom body design, but the RX10 has a much better build quality than the Sony cameras which it bears a passing resemblance to -- the HX300 and A3000. It has a dust- and moisture-resistant magnesium-alloy construction and a somewhat more refined looking design than other bridge cameras.

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NEX-like controls

Two control dials, an excellent electronic viewfinder, and tilting LCD are among the features that give the camera more of an advanced feel.

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Advanced design

Like many current enthusiast compacts, the RX10 has a physical exposure compensation dial. Other useful advanced features include a status LCD, hot shoe, and two user settings slots on the mode dial. Though the lens looks as large as a megazoom's, it's a rather restrained 8.3x. It has a physical aperture ring with a switch that toggles between a smooth-feeling operation or one that settles into each f-stop with a decided "click."

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Wi-Fi inside

On the big grip you can see the logo for NFC, or near-field communications. As is becoming typical, you tap the NFC logo with your NFC-enabled mobile device in order to quickly invoke the Wi-Fi connection.

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Movie-accessory friendly

The RX10 has a headphone and mic jack, and can take Sony's XLR microphone accessory kit for heavier audio duty.

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